Ricky Williams Talks Concussions

This interview is Ricky Williams on Dan LeBatard’s Highly Questionable on May 15th.

I had to admit, watching the 30 for 30 on Ricky Williams made me quite fond of this guy. I enjoyed hearing a different perspective on sports from a guy that realized he wasn’t, nor should be, in debt to it. After watching this interview, however, he’s definitely gone down a peg or two in my book.

Trying to downplay the scientific research stating the link between concussions and football is mind-blowing. Yes, I understand you take more steps to “heal” yourself, Ricky, during the off-season, and some of that progressive rehabilitation is actually beneficial, but there ain’t no rehab for the brain when it receives trauma. At least not yet.

The best is probably at 3:52 when LeBatard brings up science. Ricky : “Is science like, the new, diety, of our culture? It is, but should it be?”

Yes. Ricky. Yes. It should be. Science is based on facts. There aren’t many things that scientists ‘proved’ 100 years ago that aren’t true today. Very few things. What else should we go off of if not facts?

I understand a lot of players are upset about the reputation and perceptions being placed on football lately regarding player safety, it’s understandable. Players now want to play the game that they know is a rough sport, which they agree with. If they want to play it, fine. As time goes on, science is only going to prove more and more about the relation between trauma and football, and again, if players are alright with that, then that’s fine with me. You just can’t come back 20 years later when a good percentage of you are ill or suffering symptoms of trauma and try to sue or complain. That’s just how it has to go for things to be fair.

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