Tyrann Mathieu

Turnaround the Turnaround

I am so ready for the NFL season to begin. You know why? So we can stop having insane articles like this on NFL.com: “Tyrann Mathieu proving Arizona Cardinals right with turnaround.” The only problem with this headline? Tyrann Mathieu has not played in a single NFL game. So how in the world is he ‘proving Arizona Cardinals right?’ They drafted a player with off the field issues who so far hasn’t been a headache and has looked good in pre-season games. You know who else looked good in pre-season games? The 2006 Oakland Raiders. They went 5-0 and…

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Albums of my Youth: Flickerstick Edition

Sometimes, you have to go back in order to go forward. With that in mind, I thought it’d be fun to take a look back to look at some albums that I was into back in high school/middle school. And what better way to kick off the series than with a band that was made famous by being on a VH1 reality show? Honestly, there are probably a lot better ways to kick it off, but I gotta admit, there was a time when I absolutely LOVED Flickerstick. I remember watching the finale of ‘Bands on the Run’ in…

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Percy Harvin

The NFL Double Standard

Can you imagine if a team like the Jets had traded a first and seventh round pick in this year’s draft and a third round pick in next year’s draft for a wide receiver, and then gave that player a 5 year contract worth 25.5 million dollars in guaranteed money AND THEN it turned out that player had to have hip surgery and was out for–possibly–the entire season? BEDLAM! But instead, we get….crickets. From CBSSports “Obviously, this is bad news for the Seahawks.” Obviously. From ESPN “The loss of Harvin is significant, but not a huge setback for a…

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Chooch Doesn’t Want to be Traded

Today is the trade deadline. Discussions have been relatively quiet, but it always seems that way up until the last frantic minute. Michael Young has openly come out and said he will waive his trade clause for the Rangers or Red Sox. I’m sure they are dying to have a guy who has half as many GIDP as he does RBI. With Yadier Molina going down last night, there’s been a lot of rumors about our beloved Carlos Ruiz getting traded. I, for one, do not want that to happen. The pitchers absolutely love him, he’s one of the…

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Cardinals and Supercuts

Can we just take a second here and appreciate how good of an organization the St. Louis Cardinals have been recently? In the past 15 years, they have had only 3 losing seasons, been to the playoffs 9 times, and won 2 world series. How do they do it?  I don’t know, but the Phillies better find out. In the immortal word’s of Cardinal Pretzley: Ruben…take notes. You know what happens when you don’t have cable? You get stuck watching shows like: Under the Dome. You know what the best part about Under the Dome is? A freaking DOME…

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Charles Barkley and Sam Hinkie Got Beef

In a recent interview, Charles Barkley was questioned about his former team, the 76ers’ coaching search.  He was pretty forthcoming about his opinion, calling it a “joke.” I’m not sure how Hinkie feels about this, but I have to imagine he’s going to have some sort of diss track on his next mixtape. Your browser does not support iframes.

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The Newsroom

Naked in the Newsroom

I wasn’t feeling very well last night so I retreated upstairs to bed and turned on the TV at around 6 p.m. As I was flipping through channels, I landed on the new Discovery Channel show called ‘Naked and Afraid’ where they drop off two people (male and female) in a remote location COMPLETELY NAKED. It is insanity. The people are allowed to bring one item with them (They usually choose something practical like a knife or a pot to boil water in…although one doofus brought a pair of freaking goggles that he never used cause he was completely…

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