Naked in the Newsroom

The Newsroom

I wasn’t feeling very well last night so I retreated upstairs to bed and turned on the TV at around 6 p.m. As I was flipping through channels, I landed on the new Discovery Channel show called ‘Naked and Afraid’ where they drop off two people (male and female) in a remote location COMPLETELY NAKED. It is insanity.

The people are allowed to bring one item with them (They usually choose something practical like a knife or a pot to boil water in…although one doofus brought a pair of freaking goggles that he never used cause he was completely scared of the ocean so….fail) and that’s it.

The show is awesome. Completely addicting and hilarious to watch as these two strangers basically behave like a married couple forced to live together for 21 days naked and getting bit by bugs and attacked by Hyenas. Luckily for the viewer, most of the time they do eventually get around to fastening some leaf underwear for themselves.

Also, the men on this show do not represent at all. The 3 episodes I watched, the men deteriorated mentally while the women had to carry the team to the finish. To be fair, one of the guys had an infected foot from stepping on 6 inch thorns in the desert but the other two guys (especially Bro Goggles) were basically useless.

One of the best parts of one episode was when the guy goes out and kills this really venomous snake (which actually bit one of the producers who had to be sent to a hospital asap), brings it back all proud, throws it down in front of his female counterpart only for her to look at it and say, “It looks like a baby.” Cue the trombone–Wha-Wha–as the guy is sent into a blinding rage.

Anyway, if you get a chance, check it out. Good stuff.

Unlike the Newsroom. Which is painfully bad at times. They had one episode where Dev Patel had his co-workers come in on a Saturday to show them a theory he had about Bigfoot. Seriously. How pissed off would you be if one of your co-workers scheduled an emergency Saturday meeting and then talked about Bigfoot? Kick in the crotch is what that would get you sucker. Who knows, it has a good cast so maybe it will get better in season 2.

I would also like to say congrats to Damien Sandow for his Money in the Bank win. Sandow is the most hilarious character in the WWE. He reminds me of The Rock back when Rocky was in the Nation of Domination and would walk around with gold chains and a fanny pack. Keep up the good work, Sandow.


  • Bro Goggles. LMAO. Way to go naked women for pulling the team through, haha.

  • The newsroom is an excellent show! Taking one little spec of the show to dis it, no bueno! Love that show

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