Only Santa Could Save the NBA

The players and owners have finally come to an agreement. A trivial agreement, mind you, but either way, pending a huge upset when the deal is brought to a vote, the NBA will begin it’s 66-game season on Christmas Day with a triple header. Epic.

A couple things come to mind : 1) The players ended up with a 51.2% share of revenue. That’s still pretty friggin’ huge and I truly didn’t expect the owners to budge that much. Be content, you fuckers. 2) What’s going to happen with Odom who just signed with Besiktas, or better-yet, what’s going to happen with Deron Williams who just had a 50-point game with Besiktas? I’m pretty sure Odom has an opt-out written in the contract, but does Williams? 3) How much are Sixers tickets going for?

Hahah, seriously, I kid. But with free agency starting soon, what kind of moves do the Sixers plan on making (if any?)

Before the lock-out was even a thought to hindering the NBA season, Andre Iguodala was being discussed on the trading block for Golden State Warriors’ guard Monta Ellis and a few draft picks. I wonder if they still plan on entertaining that deal. Is this finally going to be the year that Iggy goes?

Coach Collins has already announced the Sixers intentions on signing restricted free-agents Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes (thank God.) There’s even talk of resigning that old, seasoned veteran Tony Battie to provide help at the center position. Lord knows we need it.

It wasn’t but two weeks ago that Adam and I cursed the NBA season into oblivion. Now, aside from my power-massage chair pad or brand new socks, Christmas Day will be filled with the joy of watching over-paid athletes compete in the thrilling sport of basketball, and I couldn’t be happier.

It’s a Christmas miracle. Welcome back, you assholes.

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