My Hate For Rex Ryan

Well, my play off picks were wrong. Let’s just get that out of the way. The Seahawks upset the Saints as me and Adam ate tasty burgers and chicken sandwiches together. This is great though, because now I get to watch the Marshawn Lynch Sport Science special that’s not only awkward and weird, but also retarded. How did that man get through college?

Then of course, Rex Ryan somehow has his team pull through in the remaining minutes to win, and even though the Colts weren’t covering the spread, I’d still much rather watch Rex Ryan make excuses for why his team didn’t win the Superbowl then watch his face jiggle while running. Now I have to wait another week.

So the Panthers hire Ron Rivera. 1985 Chicago Bear Superbowl playing, 2006 Superbowl coaching, Ron Rivera. I’m no scientist, but that sounds like a formula for a Superbowl next year. Carolina bring it home. He’s also the very first Puerto Rican/Mexican player in the NFL (who said the MLB was behind the curve?) and the second NFL coach with that ethnicity.

And before all you Eagles fans start giving me shit for reppin’ the greatest expansion team of all time, Rivera also used to be the linebacker coach for the Eagles and is credited for basically creating the steroid that is Jeremiah Trotter.

Good for him.

I’m thinking at some point this weekend we’re gonna have this weeks predictions, and let me tell you, if the line for the NY Jets v. New England game could be Patriots -500, I would take it. My hate for Rex Ryan has grown stronger, and with these pussy ass “shit talking” fests that would make Nelly seem proud, I’m praying for a slow painful death for him. Seriously. Calling Brady a dork? Saying the game is personal between the coaches? Why can’t you just talk some shit??

How could you make a man that used to be the most hated coach in the NFL into the cool, calm, collected, almost charismatic good guy? Maybe charismatic was a stretch, but I always like the guy in a fight who’s calm and cool til he goes off on the shit talker. He has Tom Brady, you have Mark Sanchez. Sometimes being tough and dumb works, but not when your up against the arrogant nerd. Just get back in your Ford F-250 diesel with the dual stacks and tell me how much you like fishing. How many more conclusions can I draw from this??

I’d like to think that I admit things I don’t know. One of the things I don’t know, is the NBA. I like it… but I don’t know a thing about it. I was listening to ESPN today, and they seemed surprised that 5 technical fouls were handed out in a mere 10 seconds yesterday. I suppose if 5 players were sent to the box in hockey at once, that might raise a few eyebrows as well… but hey, it’s the NBA we’re talking about. Before I heard the entire story, I simply assumed that some player freaked out and started throwing punches at the opposing team, or maybe even the fans! Turns out the NBA is just a secret society of referees who do as they please, when they please.

And hockey people, I don’t want to even hear it, ok? We all saw the fans fight over the hockey stick Scott Niedermayer was trying to clearly hand to a little girl. That will forever stain the sport.

Aaaaaaand since I like to leave on a good note…

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