More Free Agency Thoughts!

1.) The biggest fail of free agency so far has to belong to the Seattle Seahawks social media team who–after safety Earl Thomas tweeted “Hakuna Matata” in reference to the team signing Jimmy Graham–sent out this tweet in reply, “it means ‘no worries for the rest of your life.’

Rest of your LIFE? Are you kidding me? What kind of jacked up version of the Lion King did they watch? It’s days, fools. DAYS. Which they corrected in about a minute once everyone pointed it out to them on twitter.

2.) Eagles fans in a nutshell: after trading LeSean McCoy, all I heard about was how the running back position was overrated and not that important. Now that the Eagles are about to sign DeMarco Murray to a multi-million dollar deal it’s “omyyyggggawd what a great running back!¬†We need to sign him!”

Also, Chip Kelly seems like the biggest toolbox in football. How can that Barney Rubble looking fool garner respect in NFL locker rooms? HOW? That press conference was an absolute gem. Lies, upon lies, upon lies. Good stuff.

That Sam Bradford for Nick Foles trade was the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. That trade wouldn’t even be allowed in fantasy football.

My prediction for the season? Eagles start out 3-0, all is well and then Bradford tears both of his knees to shreds, they end up like 5-11 and Chip flees back to college, getting a job coaching Oklahoma.

Mark it 8, Dude.

3.) By the way, another note about how stupid free agency is.

The Jaguars signed 6 unrestricted free agents yesterday.

The Packers have signed 5 unrestricted free agents since 2007.

Which organization would you like your team to emulate? Again, don’t get caught up in the ESPN hype of who wins free agency (which, by the way, I’m sure every news outlet will trumpet the Jaguars for winning it this year).

4.) Album of the week is Rose Mountain by the Screaming Females. This is actually the album of the year so far in my book. The lead singer’s voice annoyed me at first, but now, I’ve come to love it. Wishing Well is the bomb.



  • Did I mention that I am more than willing to bet you on your 5-11 prediction?

  • Chip seems like the “biggest toolbox in football?” I beg to differ. He came in and immediately made a 4-12 team a 10-6 team. Now he is truly building his team – let’s wait on the verdict. His offseason work is far from over as well, although everyone likes to act as if the season is starting tomorrow.

    I doubt the Cowboys, Redskins, and Giants are resorting to the “injuries will ruin the Eagles 2015 season theory.” Romo is just as likely to go down as Bradford. RG3 – don’t even question. I am more than willing to bet you on your 5-11 prediction.

    When they got rid of McCoy – it made sense because they had more pressing holes to fill than RB (like CB and LB where they were glaringly bad last year). I am more than willing to bet you on your 5-11 prediction.

    They knew all along they could replace McCoy with Matthews and/or Gore. DeMarco was the cherry on top. Who would complain about stealing the NFL offensive MVP from your arch rival? DeMarco, Matthews, Sproles, and Polk?

    Bottomline, Chip is changing the free agency landscape and while teams like the Bucs/Titans have tunnel vision on “Winston.”

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