Makin’ Some Picks Ya’ll

Hey there friends! The bland 2 days you have to spend without football are over! The Pittsburgh Steelers are getting ready to take on the Tennessee Titans (yawn), but before I get to that, I have some fodder.

I just finished reading a story on Yahoo where a drunk girl in Colorado apparently wandered into some mansion that wasn’t hers, so when the home owner discovered her, he shot her in the hip. She was 3 times the legal alcohol limit and may have been given a date-rape drug. Police noted that her statements were incredibly incoherent and she couldn’t remember anything about that night.

The best line from the story had to be: “Ripple, 21, was unarmed and allegedly intoxicated when she entered the home around 3:30 a.m. After repeatedly yelling at Ripple to leave, Justice (the victim) took aim and shot her in the hip.”

Sorry, but if some drunk college girl stumbled into my house, the last thing I would do is shoot her, ya smell me? The story gets a little hazy, because he ‘intentionally’ shot her in the hip as to not kill her, but he also said the lights were off, so he couldn’t identify who was intruding into his house. If you yelled at her “repeatedly”, you couldn’t figure out that it was a drunk woman? You had to shoot her? I’m pretty sure there was a better way to handle the situation rather than wounding the poor girl like a mallard duck.


Pittsburgh -6 @ Tennessee – God damn does Matt Hasselback look awful. Even with Polamalu out, I’m still taking the Steelers.

Cincinnati -1 @ Cleveland – Ahhhh, another AFC snoozefest. I have to think Cleveland’s defense isn’t capable of staggering the Cinci offense. Trent Richardson should have an OK game… the Bengals defense has been pretty decent so far. Bengals.

Indianapolis +3 @ New York Jets – Mmmmmmm…. yea I dunno about this one. True the Colts are coming off of a big win and the Jets are free-falling into oblivion, but as a betting man, I’d stay clear. Jets +3.

Kansas City +4 @ Tampa Bay – Bucs. With the points. For sure.

Oakland +9 @ Atlanta – McFadden is going to have a big game. Atlanta’s secondary with Oakland’s doo-doo receivers are going to force the Raiders to run. I think it’ll keep them close. Close enough I’ll take Oakland +9.

Dallas +3.5 @ Baltimore – Baltimore.

Detroit +4 @ Philadephia – The combined margin of all of the Eagles victories is like 6 or some nonsense like that. Knowing that, I’m going to take Detroit +4.

St. Louis +3.5 @ Miami – Man, I’m getting into the habit of taking the underdog too often. Still, St. Louis’ defense is pretty awesome. I’m taking the Lou.

New England -3.5 @ Seattle – True New England is rolling to the west coast, but Billicheck is a smart enough man to plan for that. Seattle’s defense always keeps them in the game, but Seattle’s offense never wins it for ’em. New England -3.5.

Buffalo +4.5 @ Arizona – Arizona.

New York Giants +6.5 @ San Francisco – I like the Giants with the points. It’s a big game for both of these teams and it’s not like the Giants can’t pull out an upset. A big spread like that is tough to cover against New York. Giants +6.5.

Green Bay +3.5 @ Houston – This is a tough one. Both of these teams are good offensively. Houston’s defense definitely has an advantage over the struggling Green Bay pass defense. I could totally see Green Bay getting a much needed W, though. Green Bay +3.5.

Denver +1 @ San Diego – Peyton don’t lose many in a row. Denver +1.

That’s all folks!

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