Linsanity, Dwight Howardness, and Whitnecity

What are you doing ESPN? Linsanity is turning into a huge ordeal and you’re going to ruin this poor kid’s career.

Sure, it’s incredible that a rookie is coming in and averaging 20+ points a game in his debut. It’s in New York. It’s big. I dig all of that. He’s saying all of the right things, doing all of the right things, and New York is winning. That’s nice.

But why does every story on ESPN New York have the word “Lin” in it? I know there’s a lull in sports stories, but that kind of overexposure is going to doom him. You can’t have him outshine Carmelo, but the media is almost intentionally doing this to create conflict. This is another one of those, “Let the media dictate the future” kinda things.

And to Floyd Mayweather: Please, shut the hell up. Mayweather Tweeted that the only reason Jeremy Lin is getting this kind of exposure is because he’s Asian. That could be it…. oooooorrrr it could be the fact that he’s the first rookie in league history to debut with 20+ points and 7+ assists in his first 4 games. How about you stop being racist?

Remember that time you told Manny Pacquiao to “make some sushi rolls and cook some rice?” You can’t even be racist correctly! Sushi rolls for the Philippines?

Either way, Jeremy Lin is an amazing spectacle and it’s definitely going to be interesting to see how Melo likes being shown up, but let it unfold! Don’t create it.

On the flip side of things, I don’t think Dwight Howard is getting enough attention for his temper tantrums and hissy fits. People hate on Lebron James all day, but Dwight Howard may be the antithesis of a team player.

His teammates on the Magic have openly complained that Howard repeatedly stating his intentions to leave has affected their play. Most of their scoring averages are down, assists are down, and Stan Van Gundy has lost all control of that locker room.

To make Dwight’s demands even more laughable, Howard vocalized his desire to be a “closer” for the Magic, right after a 4th quarter comeback the night before that involved zero, count em, zero points from Howard himself. They went on a 16-0 run and Howard didn’t see the ball once.

What did you expect big fellah? No one is going to feel empathy for you and you’ve isolated yourself in the locker room. How are people supposed to take you seriously?

I’ll be blown away if Dwight stays on the Magic before the trade deadline. It’s just sour milk right now. Barring a cinematic-esque change of character, the Magic are going to be left in the dust and fall to the same perils the Cavs are facing now.

One last note. I’ve seen a lot of “Who cares about Whitney Houston when soldiers are dying everywhere??” stories and posts. This could stem from a lot of things, but mainly I think it’s because of the perception that a woman with so much potential wasted it on a drug addiction and it’s getting attention.

Whitney Houston won a lot of Grammys, had a lot of success, and made a bunch of money. I wouldn’t necessarily say she “wasted” her talent. Seems to me she did everything a talented woman was supposed to do. I didn’t see people lining up when she was 47 asking her to make another hit. Just let the woman die in peace, yeesh.


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