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The Jets

The Jets have to be the most stubborn and stupid football organization on the planet right now. You have arguably one of the most popular football players on your team, you are OUT of the playoffs, and yet you announce that you are going to start your third string quarterback instead. Well congratulations Jets, you just made me feel sorry for Tim Tebow – and I honestly did not think that was even possible.

(Maybe I am just feeling sentimental since according to my father’s meticulous research and we may be related. Keep your head up Cousin Timmy!)

Look, I am pretty stubborn. In Vanuatu they have a saying in Bislama for folks like me – Strong Head. I hate to be wrong, but what I hate more than being wrong is admitting I’m wrong. Sometimes, however, you just have to do it. Once you sail your ship into the rocks there is no point in keeping up the sails.

Why even have Tebow on your team if you were never going to use him? Sell a few jerseys? You would sell a LOT more if you let him run around on the field a bit.

But I digress.

Dwight Howard 

Let’s rant about another one of my favorite subjects for a bit – Dwight Howard. Our friend Dwight is of course a horrendous free throw shooter. Our friend Steve Nash is, of course, an immaculate free throw shooter. So one would expect that if Steve Nash offered to help Dwight Howard shoot free throws, he would welcome that advice with open arms, right? Right Dwight? Dwight really? Come in Dwight…

Here is the quote from ESPN:

Toward the end of shootaround Friday, Los Angeles Lakers guard Steve Nash approached Dwight Howard and offered up a couple of tips on how to shoot free throws.

Though Howard is shooting just 46.9 percent from the foul line this season while Nash is tied with Mark Price for the best free throw percentage in NBA history at 90.4 percent, the Lakers center said that he’s had enough of people giving him advice.

“Listen, he was just suggesting some things but it’s not something that we’ve already talked about or anybody else has suggested,” Howard said. “My mind cannot get clouded with everybody telling me how to shoot a free throw. I just have to go up there and shoot it my way and not get caught up in what everybody else is saying, because that’s when I miss.”

We wouldn’t want that mind to get too clouded now would we? Seriously, that ESPN article sounds like something from the Onion.

Till next time.

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  • I would feel bad for Tebow, but–as Deadspin pointed out in an article I read earlier this morning–he CHOSE to go to the Jets (who already had a starting QB) over the Jaguars (where he would’ve had a better chance to win the job outright in training camp). So shed no tears for that D-bag. The Broncos gave him the option of where he wanted to be traded and he chose….poorly.

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