Jake Delhomme is Pushin’ Bojangles in Texas

It’s been a while since we’ve seen our friend Jake Delhomme. The Houston Texans, who desperately needed a quarterback, signed Jake Delhomme to their team in hopes of continuing their run towards the playoffs.

It looks like Jake Delhomme just out-Palmered Carson Palmer. Delhomme has been sitting “in retirement” ever since the Browns released him in 2010, and now he gets to fall into a playoff bound team that’s practically guaranteed to win their division. The Tennessee Titans are way too inconsistent to capture and maintain a lead. The Jaguars just fired their head coach and are in the process of selling their team. The Colts are a disaster with no sign of winning 1 game all year. Jake Delhomme basically trotted his way into the playoffs in spite of playing zero games this year and taking absolutely no reps of any kind.

The last memorable moment for Jake was his 2008 playoff game against the Arizona Cardinals where he threw 5 interceptions and lost the game 33-13. Right after, the Panthers signed Delhomme to a decent 5-year extension, and he proceeded to bomb his quarterback career into the ground. His touchdown to interception ratio was 8:18. He was released the year after.

Delhomme just hasn’t been right since his 2007 injury where he started 3-0 with 8 TDs and 1 INT. After that, it’s been pick-city.

It’s not too much of a daunting task, thought. When Delhomme was in Carolina, he handed the ball off to two good running backs (DeAngelo Williams,Jonathan Stewart) and should have credited 80% of his completions to a talented receiver (Steve Smith.) In Texas, Jake’s got essentially the same duty. Let Arian Foster and Ben Tate run it, and every once in a while, throw the ball up in the air and have Andre Johnson pull it down. Just don’t throw picks.

We’ll see how well it works out.

One thing I do know is he makes a pretty kick-ass commercial. I never knew he happened to be the longest running spokesman for Bojangles Chicken n’ Biscuits. Although I’ve never sampled Bojangles myself, I hear it’s the bees knees. This one’s for you, Petie.

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