It’s About To Be Hittin’ Season Boys

Last night we saw a little resurgence in the Phillies’ lineup. After a dismal 2-run production against the Indians this weekend (in the entire series), the Phillies bounced back and scored 11 runs in the past 2 days which included 2 home runs by the young Domonic Brown.

Can I just throw out the nickname, “Little Piece?” Domonic Brown is starting to hit like his spring-training numbers, and I think it’s about time that fans embraced him.

We’re getting an inconsistent offense right now, but it shows enormous potential. Certainly more than last year. It’s hard to say how the Phillies can go from sweeping our division rival the Mets, to being swept by the Cleveland Indians, only to win the next two against the Marlins. Charlie has been switching around the lineup since the additions of Delmon Young and Carlos Ruiz, and I think that as time goes on, the hitters are only going to get more comfortable.

It’s not as though we ran into stellar pitching over the weekend. If anything, the Mets probably boasted the best rotation of the 3 teams, and yet we were still able to muster wins out of all of them.

Speaking of pitching, do you know who has the best win percentage out of all of our pitchers right now? It’s freakin’ Pettibone! He picked up his second win last night to make his record 2-0. Even stranger, the next guy on that list is Kyle Kendrick with a 3-1 record. Those are our only 2 pitchers above the .500 mark.

I’m not going to jump on the crazy wagon, because it’s insane to think that we can ride those two guys out to a wild card spot, but after 5+ years of watching Kendrick get destroooyyyyyed, it’s nice to finally see some consistency out of him. There’s actually some surprising stats in this great article by Todd Zolecki that will blow your mind, but the most notable was that he is 10-5 with a 2.75 ERA in his last 19 starts. Wow.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that Halladay won’t be winning any more Cy Young awards, BUT, I think I feel pretty confident in saying that he’s going to be alright this year. He’s getting old, and he definitely doesn’t have the same stuff, but he’s wising up to that fact and pitching accordingly. I say this after Halladay’s implosion against the Indians, but didn’t you already see that coming? He just had 3 incredibly solid starts. I think that’s the sort of roller coaster we can expect from him this season. It will be, strangely, consistent.

The point is, GET BACK ON THE WAGON PHILLIES FANS. This season has just begun.

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