I Make Picks, Ya’ll Win Money

Not really. It’s just getting hard to come up with titles other than Week 8 Picks, ya feel me?

Hell, you might win some money, though. Last week I went 6 for 13. Yikes. Let’s get on a path to redemption shall we?


New England -7 @ St. Louis – New England is hardly looking like the team of yesteryear, but I still believe they are going to win this game. St. Louis tends to score late, and New England tends to give up a lot of points late. Regardless, I’m taking New England -7.

Indianapolis +3.5 @ Tennessee – There is talk that Jake Locker will return as starting QB for the Titans. I think this is a small mistake, what with Hasselback starting to get comfortable, and winning. Either way, the Titans defense is atrociously bad, especially early in the game. Good thing the Colts score early. Colts +3.5

Jacksonville +14.5 @ Green Bay – The Jaguars are absolutely depleted right now with injuries. I can’t imagine they are going to muster much against an elite team that is finally getting their stride back. Big spread, but I’ll take Green Bay -14.5

San Diego -2.5 @ Cleveland – Cleveland? +2.5

Atlanta +3 @ Philadelphia – Ugggghhhh I want this game done and over with. There’s all the speculation about the Eagles never losing coming off a bye week, but guess what? It was never against an undefeated team ALSO coming off of a bye week. Philadelphia has the small margin of victories, so I can’t imagine how the undefeated team is NOT favored by a field goal. This one is strange. It’s almost like Vegas wants us to take the Falcons. Falcons +3. lolz.

Seattle +1 @ Detroit – It’s really hard to tell what teams are going to show up in this match. Detroit has trouble with ‘elite’ teams like the Bears and their offense is sputtering. Seattle on the other hand has a very solid defense and usually averages ~12 points a game. Hell, the 49ers only managed 13 against them. Seattle +1.

Miami +1 @ New York Jets – I don’t think the New York roller coaster is over by any means, but they have been more…. consistent… as of late. Jets -1.

Carolina +9 @ Chicago – This matchup is killing me inside. The Panthers are playing their first game since the GM was fired, but I don’t believe that is going to be the trick against a very solid Bears defense. Unless the Panthers somehow change their entire offensive scheme to focus on the 2 running back tandem, they’ll lose. Aside from the NYG game, Carolina has kept every single game very close, though. Panthers +9.

Washington +4.5 @ Pittsburgh – Completely undecided. Sigh… Pitt -4.5

Oakland +1 @ Kansas City – Brady Quinn is getting his starting role back for the Chiefs! Don’t hold your breath! Peyton Hillis is supposed to have a good game against Oakland’s suspect running defense, but I just don’t see it. Raiders +1.

New York Giants -1 @ Dallas – Is this a joke? Giants -1.

New Orleans +6 @ Denver – Looks like the Saints have got their groove back. Their starting to sync up on offense, but their defense is still pretty bad, their secondary being the worst of it. That’s music to Peyton’s ears. Denver -6.

Alright you knuckleheads.

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