I Love Randy Moss!!!

Haha, what a debacle. Randy Moss is slipping into insanity in the public eye so well it would make Martin Lawrence jealous. Just yesterday he was cut from the Minnesota Vikings after signing with them just a mere month ago.

Yahoo! speculates it’s because he weirded everyone out at a recent team meal. Apparently the dinner was catered by a local company, and Moss was incredibly vocal with insults towards the event staff. According to witnesses, he kept yelling insults towards the catering staff, refusing to eat, and isolated himself from his teammates.

“Damn, this some good ass cheese…. how come you didn’t tell me how good the cheese was???”

Then of course, after the game, he digs himself a bigger hole by refusing to answer questions at his media press conference. He was fined for not talking to the media the week prior, so, I guess he didn’t get the message. Wearing a Boston hat, he commends the Patriots (former team) for beating the Vikings (current team) and basically publicly announces his regret for leaving the Patriots.

Best part of the interview is when he informs the reporters that he will no longer be answering questions to the media for the rest of the season, and instead suggests that he will ask himself questions, and then answer them. Yea… that’s how that usually works right?

Worst part is, now that he’s on waivers, the next teams to take a look at him are the Bears and Redskins. There’s also some speculation that the Titans may try to grab him off of waivers as well. This is better than Maury Povich.

Anyone who talks shit to the media constantly and owns a NasTruck is fine with me. Go get em Randy!

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