Doug Collins, NBA Playoffs, and Iggy’s Comeback Season

20130417-104206.jpgIt’s been a rough season Sixers fans, but I am thankful to report that with tonight’s game, the season will finally be over. The Sixers play the Pacers in Indiana, just after the recent announcement that Doug Collins will resign as head coach.

This was right after his recent announcement that he was not resigning as head coach. That came right after Sixers’ ownership released a statement backing Collins as the head coach of the future.

Real classy Philadelphia.There’s a lot of speculation that Collins will remain with the Sixers as a consultant (which is probably what he wanted all along), and that definitely takes away some of the trashiness of this debacle, but never the less, this was handled wrong. Like most things with this team.

It’s hard to say where the Sixers go from here. The free agent market looks pretty dismal aside from that All-Star center who will be anxiously shopping for a team next year. Let’s not get burned twice.

NBA Playoff predictions: Heat in 5 over the Denver Nuggets.

I also want to note that with all the fanfare and attention Iguodala is getting in Denver for his contributions to that team, his averages are down and his stat sheet is not any better than it was while in Philadelphia. In Denver, he’s credited as a major player for that team (maybe THE major player for that team) with almost identical or worse stats than in Philadelphia. Still, the media pegs him as a huge contributor and attributes him for the Nuggets playoff success.

You can definitely argue that in Philly, he was expected (and paid) to be a superstar, but money and fame aside, he was a big puzzle piece to a winning franchise and undeservedly carried a lot of the blame for the Sixers’ shortcomings. I think this post season will prove that.

I mean, in Denver, he is still the biggest star they have, the most well rounded player there, the only All Star starting for them, and he’s getting paid the exact same amount as he was in Philadelphia. Why is there no resentment in Denver fans?

Haha, even with my bold acclamation, I’ve changed my Finals prediction to Heat over the Spurs in 6.

Thank God I don’t get judged like Iguodala.

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  • Be sure not to overlook the contributions of another ex-Sixer named Andre on the Nuggets’ roster — none other than the Big Kahuna’s favorite point guard, Andre Miller!

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