Delaware Park Parlay Special

FILE: Ray Lewis Tears Triceps MuscleAlrighty, it is now time for the NFL Playoffs or as us Raiders fans like to call it, the offseason!

Delaware Park has these Playoff Parlay cards where you have to pick three steps right in order to get paid 3 for 1. Now, I don’t really like to gamble, and I’m not really good about picking NFL games but since this is a “sports blog” I thought I better try it out before the season ends.

Anyway, here we go.

Step One: Select Point Spread Game

I am going to take the Seahawks -3.5 over the Redskins. Why? Cause I like Seattle at home (Ed. Note: I just realized–4 hours later–that the Seahawks are playing in Washington…so there’s how much I’ve been paying attention to things) and think Lynch will go Beast Mode all over the Redskins D.

Step Two: Select Two Game Winners With No Point Spread

Basically the options are Texans vs. Bengals, Packers vs. Vikings, Ravens vs. Colts OR you could pick the AFC or the NFC in the pro bowl…which is stupid so stay away from that mess.

I am going to take the Texans over the Bengals and the Ravens over the Colts.  I am really tempted to take the Vikings, but picking against Aaron Rodgers scares me. I think the Ravens take care of business for Ray Lewis and win in spite of Flacco throwing more picks (2) than TDs (1).

As for the Bengals vs. the Texans, the Bengals barely beat the Ravens subs last week which is worrisome.  That said, I will be surely cheering on the Bengals for Big B’s sake so it’s a win win for me. Bengals win, I’m happy, Texans win, I’m happy.

So there it is: Seahawks -3.5, Texans and Ravens.  Lock it in.

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