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Delaware Park Parlay Special

Alrighty, it is now time for the NFL Playoffs or as us Raiders fans like to call it, the offseason! Delaware Park has these Playoff Parlay cards where you have to pick three steps right in order to get paid 3 for 1. Now, I don’t really like to gamble, and I’m not really good about picking NFL games but since this is a “sports blog” I thought I better try it out before the season ends. Anyway, here we go. Step One: Select Point Spread Game I am going to take the Seahawks -3.5 over the Redskins. Why?…

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Get Outta Delaware Park Week 13:Rocky Mountain High

Adam’s a little busy this week to make the picks, so aside from panicking desperately that another blog has woo’d my writer, I’m gonna go ahead and take my attempt at picking the NFL lines. Mind you, I went 1/5 last week and I’ve been in Colorado the past 5 days inhaling rocky mountain air and organic granola burritos, so I can’t be held accountable for the ridiculous amount of money you could lose if you happen to listen to these. So lets gooooooooo. Buffalo +5 over Minnesota – Even though the Vikings won with their new coach last…

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