Barry Bonds Didn’t Use Steroids

Just kidding.  He did.  We all know this.  So why is ESPN covering this trial like it’s the biggest thing since OJ?

Because it has people talking!  Because you’re writing about it!  So it’s obviously news-worthy!

No it’s not.  Everyone knows that Bonds took steroids.  End of story.

Does he still own the homerun record?  Yes.  Is it a shame?  Probably.  Should he be stripped of the title?  No.  Were the pitchers he was facing doing steroids?  Yes.  Will I stop asking questions like this?  Yes.

Let’s move on.  In the meantime, why don’t you do yourself a favor and watch that LT video.  Hilarity. I didn’t realize that prostitution was the oldest job in the world until I watched it.  I would’ve thought it was being a fishermen.  Oh well, I guess LT knows best.  That sounds like a sitcom.  Coming this fall to TBS!  Very funny.

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