Andrew Bynum Expects To Play This Season

This just in…. Andrew Bynum has stated that he intends to play this season. Right after, he mentioned that his left knee is still incredibly sore and he’s not sure on the timetable for his return. I guess that’s some sort of good news?

This is the knee he injured during his bowling fiasco. So technically, if the man lived in a bubble during his rehabilitation, he would be healthy enough to play right now.

That makes me rethink my position on the Sixers trade and this whole situation. Bynum sticks to his story that he will play this season, so I suppose for now that is all we have to go off of. The news doesn’t seem so dismal.

Bynum made these statements before going into the Sixers 104-97 victory over the Detroit Pistons.

It’s been a weird week for the Sixers. After being blown out by the Timberwolves at home last Tuesday, the Sixers hosted, and beat, the Celtics by a narrow margin. The very next day, the Sixers traveled to Boston to face the Celtics once more in a back-to-back, home/away match up. They lost that by some twenty points.

Last night, the Sixers rebounded once again over the Detroit Pistons. That was a game the Sixers were expected to win as Detroit was coming in with a 7-15 record.

Doug Collins said it best after last Tuesday’s loss to the Timberwolves: “We don’t know who we are yet.”

Yea… none of us really know who you are yet. This team really doesn’t have much of an identity, and our very outspoken superstar is still resting on the bench. It’s hard to say whether we are over-achieving or under-achieving at this point.

The 76ers are hanging around the 6th seed in the East. Without the return of Bynum, we’ll probably rollercoaster our way into the playoffs once more as a first-round team that gives people trouble, but never shuts the door. The return of Bynum adds some hope to that story. Our young core adds some hope to that story. Jrue Holiday stepping into his starting role adds some hope to that story.

Let’s just see how true Bynum is to his word.

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