Adam v. Randy v. Brendan Playoffs Round 3

Ok, so there’s a few ways we can look at this. Match play or stroke play. As of right now, Adam got the most picks right last week, so the tally, match play, is 1 – Adam, 1 – Brendan, 0 – me. Stroke play, Adam would be 5/8, Brendan would be 5/8, and I would be 2/8. Hahah, dear lord. Let’s do match play shall we? That way, if I happen to win, I’ll be in a 3 way tie for a superbowl pick!

So, with that being said… here are the picks for this week :

Chicago +3.5 over Green Bay

NY Jets +4 over Pittsburgh

Green Bay -3.5 over Chicago

Pittsburgh -4 over NY

Packers -3.5 over Chicago

NY Jets +4 over Pittsburgh

I want to point out that I had changed my original pick of NY Jets +4 simply for two reasons : A) I really, really, really hate Rex Ryan. I hate all that he is. If I pick him, and he wins, I will feel partly responsible. So I’m double jinxing myself… and B) Can’t be in a 3 way tie if my picks coincide with anyone elses, so I gotta step out.

See you on the other side when the Jets win. :(

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