76ers Fans Want Their Big Macs

It’s no secret that the 76ers partnered a promotion with McDonald’s that if they score more than a 100 points, Big Macs are free the next day to all ticket holders.

Well, last night in their victory over the Hawks, the Sixers led 99-80 with roughly 24 seconds to go, allowing them to run the clock out.

The fans were pretty angry with the decision, even if it was the right one. They started to boo the 76ers as Evan Turner held the ball and time expired. Turner even expressed some concern while he was dribbling the clock out, trying to signal to the fans that it was the coaches decision.

Classy as always, though, Collins had PA announcer Matt Cord announce that Collins would buy everyone Big Macs in jest. I’m assuming it’s in jest, because I was as the game last night and I was never really told how to claim this wonderful prize.

Either way, a great game for the Sixers last night. Lou Williams returned back to Wells Fargo to mixed responses.

Below is a picture of what fans look like when they do, in fact, win Big Macs:


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