You stop laughing right Meow!

1.) Right now, I am watching the Deadspin video of Atlanta Falcons Safety Thomas DeCoud play the “Meow” game–made famous by Super Troopers–on a live Sportscenter interview (the interview took place sometime before yesterday’s game against the Panthers). It is absolute hilarity and he is really, really good at slipping Meow’s into the interview such as, “Meow, we just have to be disciplined in our coverage.” Great stuff. He also ends the interview with “Most definitely, thank you.   MEOW!

2.) Here is the text I sent to Randy after reading his picks column on Friday “Peyton gonna pick apart Raiders’ cbs tho. That’s why I’m going with Denver.” I had planned on posting a whole article on Friday dedicated to how the Broncos were going to crush the Raiders on Sunday, but decided against it. My reasons were: A. Peyton Manning against Pat Lee (one of the Raiders starting CBs, the other being Michael Huff who had played Safety up until two weeks ago).

B. The Raiders have no pass rush which will give Manning all sorts of time.

C. McFadden is not good.

D. Their starting WR’s were Derek Hagan and Denarious Moore.

E. Peyton Manning against Pat Lee (wait, did I already list that one?)

Anyway, we all saw the outcome. It wasn’t pretty. Unless your a Broncos fan, of course.

But I gotta say, Randy did do pretty good on the picks overall, if my brief glance while I’m writing this to make sure he did ok is to be trusted….

3.) If you haven’t watched Homeland, you should check it out ASAP. Twists and turns abound!  I watched a free preview On Demand over the weekend and the funniest part of the preview is that it was geared towards general audiences so they had to take out the cusses and the nudity. So ten minutes into the first episode, they had a–how do you say–intimate scene between two of the characters but everything was blurred out and as soon as the blurs came in a box popped up that said: “See what you’re missing!  Order ENCORE for only $10 more a month and we will give you…..BOOOOOOOOOBS!”  Well, maybe it didn’t say the booobs part, but it might as well have.

4.) Just looked at the Yahoo sports NFL rankings and they had this doozy of a line in there about Darren McFadden: “It’s probably not what Raiders fans envisioned when McFadden was drafted and they thought he’d be the next Chris Johnson.”

Which is dumb cause McFadden was drafted ahead of Chris Johnson. So when he was drafted, nobody wanted him to be the next Chris Johnson, who the casual fan didn’t know about. The writer has to know that, right?  He’s just comparing two terrible running backs, correct?  If not, then for shame yahoo!

Me or Randy will be back with picks later in the week.

Until then….

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