Who is Frank Ocean?

1.) I mean honestly?  The only time I ever heard of him was when one of my soccer players was listening to him on their Ipod before one of our games. I didn’t really think much of him until I check out all of these “best of” lists and guess who is number one on practically all of them? Frank Ocean!

So I go to check out his songs, I listen to them and I think….meh. I mean, any album that has lyrics like: “Set the cheetahs on the loose, there’s a thief out on the move, underneath out legion’s view, they have taken Cleopatra” should automatically be disqualified.

billy_oceanI know I’m probably the one millionth person to make this joke but Billy Ocean > Frank Ocean.

2.) I watched the last Batman finally and I gotta say, Bane was terrific!  So weird and funny. How in the world could you not laugh at every word he said? The movie was pretty good overall, but I am glad I waited until it came out to video to check it out as it was a tad long.


The scene where Batman has to climb out of that dungeon was incredible, probably my favorite scene of 2012. If you didn’t get goosebumps during that scene, something’s wrong with ya.  Also, I think 2012 will be remembered as the year every superhero movie ended the same way: with the hero flying a nuclear bomb away from everybody. Avengers did it, Dark Knight did it. I think we need to come up with some more original endings.

3.) Randy told me not to start Bryce Brown over Stevan Ridley.  Did I listen to him? Of course not!  And the result: 4 pts (or 44 pts cause Randy’s league has weird scoring). Let this be a lesson to everyone: always listen to Randy.

4.) I think the Geico guys are the most annoying guys out there on TV right now. “How happy are they, Johnny?” Happier than Christopher Columbus on a speed boat. Gah. Terrible.

5.) OR perhaps the Cars.com singing heads are the most annoying. It’s a tough call.  Good thing these are the only two commercials they play during football games.

6.) When Houston pulled out custom made letter jackets for their game against New England, they were doomed. What in the world were they thinking?  Can you really trust a team of guys who makes custom made LETTER JACKETS for a regular season game? No wonder Brady was ready to destroy them.

7.) My dad is doing a bunch of family tree type stuff and he found out that Tebow is a distant, DISTANT relative of ours. That makes me incredibly sad. F that guy. I can just see his sanctimonious ancestor now preaching to a bunch of settlers drunk on bathtub gin before getting an axe to the skull.

8.) Silver Linings Playbook was good stuff. My only problem? It’s labeled as a comedy but it really is more of a drama, and so there is this really intense part early on in the movie–which I thought was a comedy at the time–and Bradley Coopers character flips out and I started laughing really hard, but nobody else in the theatre was laughing. Turns out that part of the movie was supposed to be serious. My B.


  • oops excuse the Wolfman, his youth is just too much for me sometimes. Damn son that is Billy Ocean. P I M P. Read up on some Hall and Oats while ya at it. hahahaha!

  • Before Billy Ocean finds you and steals the lunch bag. Then sets up a folding chair. Like he just did.

  • Love the pic of Frank Ocean. Why is he in a lunch bag? Frank get out of there quick! Frankkkkkk! No!!!!!

  • always listen to Randy….

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