Which Trilogy is Better?

altOk, so to get my mind off of the Phillies failure, the Raiders went out and historically curb stomped those dirty Denver Donkeys.  Yea!!!  But unfortunately, that euphoria didn’t last and as the reality of the Giants/Rangers world series (Ugh, I just threw up in my mouth) set in, I realized that I needed a little pick me up.  My pick me up of choice?  Taco night with a side of that Nic Cage classic:  Face/Off!  And wow, I was not disappointed.

As far as acting goes, I don’t think it gets any worse than Travolta and Cage in Face/Off.  Both are just trying to show that they’re better than their counterpart and both fail spectacularly.

Also, early in the face-change process, the doctor explains to Travolta (now Cage) that they have to insert a microphone into his throat to make him sound like the vile Castor Troy.  His actual words are something to the extent of: This mic is very sensitive, even a bad sneeze will dislodge the microphone from your throat. Cut to twenty minutes later and fake Castor Troy is engaged in a battle of mortal combat against the guy who played Frank Sobotka from Season 2 of The Wire.  Wouldn’t the mic be dislodged after being tossed around the room like a rag doll and punched 10000 times in the face?  Nope.  I guess getting throat chopped isn’t worse than a sneeze.  Also, what’s up with that prison that they go to?  It must have cost one trillion dollars and it’s on a oil rig in the middle of the ocean?  It doesn’t make any sense!

But I’m getting off topic. The real reason I am writing this post is to pose a question to our loyal Headrush audience.

As many of you know, Face/Off was part of what can be called “The Cage Trilogy” which is rounded off by “The Rock” and “Con Air” respectfully. Now, there is also another trilogy that is close to my heart known as “The Swayze Trilogy” which is made up of “Red Dawn,” “Road House,” and “Point Break.”

So my question to you all is, which is better?  The Cage Trilogy or the Swayze Trilogy?  Personally, I think that it goes like this:

The Rock vs. Point Break is a push.  I can’t choose which one I like better out of these two.  They are both incredibly re-watchable, with equally ridiculous plots, and equally hammy performances from Keanu Reeves and Nic Cage’s hair plugs.

Road House vs. Con Air.  Man, another tough call.  But I think Roadhouse has to get the nod here.  Sure Con Air has Cyrus the Virus and Nic Cage’s southern accent, as well as quotes like: “Sorry boss, there’s only two people I trust.  One of em’s me, the other’s not you.”  But you can’t beat Roadhouse for its over the top absurdity, its incredible amount of unbeknownst (or beknownst?) homo-eroticism, Sam Elliott and Swayze’s pull your throat out of your neck finishing move.

Face/Off vs. Red Dawn.  This is the only easy call for me.  Red Dawn all the way.  Soviets and Nicaraguans (sp?) invade Colorado.  Haha, sign me up.  They’re remaking this movie.  It’s like re-painting the Mona Lisa.  You can’t improve on perfection.  Leave it alone.  For all the fun of Face/Off, it takes itself a little too seriously and it is wayyyyy to long which hurts its re-watchablity factor.

Anyway, enough of what I think.  How say you?  Swayze or Cage?  Have at it in the comments section.


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