Week 5 Picks, Phillies Misery, and Bromances in the Outsiders

Last night was a swift kick in the nuts (or a Moleman football to the nuts). Me and Stef hadn’t even GOTTEN to the bar yet, we were listening to the Phils game on 1210 and already the Cardinals had scored a run. “Uh-Oh” I said (In so many words). We reached Buffalo Wild Wings, where we had watched the Phils oust the Dodgers back in 09 (or 08…I can’t remember which), and so we thought that it would give us some good juju. Well the place was PACKED and we couldn’t get a table (which I needed after hurting my knee schooling high school kids in soccer). So we decided to go to Pat’s.

Pat’s was the opposite of packed, and I’d say that the mood in there ranged from “All in diehard fan” to “totally indifferent person who just happened to choose this bar and didn’t know that the game was on.”  Not a good mix.

When you clap and only 3 other tables are clapping, that’s a warning sign. When you yell at a bad call and nobody else does, that’s a bad sign. When Ibanez and Utley both trick you into thinking they have hit home runs only they are caught at the warning track…well….you get the idea.

Anyway, you know how it went. Howard ended the season (again) and then busted his achilles or something. I didn’t really see cause right when the ball was hit, I made for the exit.  I said bye to my fellow patrons and then out the door quicker than Keyser Soze.

And just like that: They’re gone.

I hope everyone enjoyed this Phillies run because I seem to think that we’re on the back end of it now. Jimmy Rollins is most likely gone, Ibanez is gone, Lidge or Madson is probably out the door.  It’s been a fun run, and I’ve enjoyed it, but now it may be back to the old ways of the Phillies. I’m glad I bought the ticket, glad I took the ride. I’m just sad that it had to end.

But in better news, WE STILL GOT FOOTBALL!

Oh and if I may, can we have a moment of appreciation for the casting director for the 80’s movie: The Outsiders.  Let’s run the list, shall we?

Pat Swayze, Tom Cruise, Rob Lowe, Diane Lane, C. Thomas Howell, Ralph Macchio, Matt Dillon, Emilio Estevez, Leif Garrett, Darren Dalton (aka the guy in Red Dawn who eats the bug), and….TOM WAITS!

Damn Gina!  What a murderers row of talent!

Can we also have a moment of appreciation for all the “Bromances” that take place in that movie/book (they made a book outta that?) cause The Outsiders is RIPE with Bromances.

You got Ponyboy and Johnny (The original bromance), then Dally and Johnny (Still the best line in the movie is when Matt Dillon stabs the pillow and says, “We gotta DO IT for JOHNNY!”), Sodapop and Steve (The “we work at the gas station together and wear denim vests with no undershirt” Bromance) and then Two-Bit and Mickey Mouse (The “Isn’t it weird that this 22 year old Greaser likes Mickey Mouse?” bromance.) And let’s just throw in Sodapop and Ponyboy for the brother’s bromance to round things out.

But enough of that guff, let’s get on to the picks!

Chiefs +2 at COLTS (Bleh what a terrible game)

Arizona +3 at MINNESOTA (I haven’t watched a play from either of these teams all season. I want to keep it that way).

Philly -3 at BUFFALO (Philly gets back on track after so many folks jumped off the bandwagon)

HOUSTON -5.5 over Oakland (Arian Foster is going to put up at least 225 yards.)

CAROLINA +6.5 over New Orleans (I believe in Cam!)

JACKSONVILLE -2 over Cincy (Hmmm, not much to say here)

Tennessee +3 at PITT (Matt Hasselbeck is playing like Scott Bakula in Necessary Roughness)

Seattle +9.5 at NY GIANTS

SAN FRANCISCO -3 over Tampa bay

NEW ENGLAND -8 over NY Jets

San Diego -3.5 at DENVER

Green Bay -6 at ATLANTA

Chicago -5 at DETROIT

Enjoy the games everyone!

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  • Sad day in baseball. Both Utley’s and Ibanez’s “almost” homers were the biggest let downs ever. I almost man-cried.

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