Tom Cable…You’re FIRED!

Al Davis fired Tom Cable today, or maybe it was yesterday, but since I saw the news this morning, I’ll assume that it was today.  And what is my reaction as a life-long Raider fan who just experienced the thrill of an 8-8 (EIGHT AND EIGHT!) season?


I don’t really care.  A shrug of the shoulders.  The reason?  Tom Cable cost the Raiders a victory over Miami when he started Bruce Gradkowski over Jason Campbell. Tom Cable absolutely sucked last year as an offensive coordinator.  Tom Cable was not going to out-scheme a coach like Tomlin or Belichick in the playoffs, should the Raiders ever reach the playoffs again in my life time.

They were 6-0 against AFC West opponents and 2-8 against teams outside of the AFC West, with losses coming against such formidable foes as San Francisco (eek), Houston (ugh) and Arizona (ork).

I just don’t get how all of a sudden Cable is a fantastic coach.  Could the Raiders use stability?  Give me a Hell Yeah! But if they promote Hue Jackson, the offense will have stability and Jason Campbell won’t have to learn a new offense.

If you gave me the choice between keeping Cable or keeping Jackson, I’d take Jackson.

He improved the offense, practically the same offense Cable ran into the ground last year, and re-invigorated Darren McFadden and the passing game.

So before everyone gets all worked up over how stupid the Raiders were to let Tom Cable go, I want you to ask yourself 3 things:

1.) Will another NFL team hire Cable as their head coach?  No.

2.) Will another NFL team hire Cable as their offensive coordinator?  No.

3.) Will another NFL team hire Cable as their offensive line coach?  Probably.

And there you have it.  A guy who will not get another job as a coach or a coordinator in the NFL just got let go by the Raiders.  I do not see how it makes them any markedly worse.

Now, if they go out and hire someone like Kevin Gilbride, I’m filing for divorce.

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  • wise words sir.

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