Tim Kurkjian has Never Heard a Dr. Evil Impression

So last night, after a nice weekend at the beach, I get home and turn on some ESPN to get caught up on what happened in the world of sports when I was away. Much to my delight/chagrin, ESPN was running a clip of Tim Kurkjian where he interviewed Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster and asked him to do some impressions and man oh man was it high comedy.  Just kidding. It was actually incredibly confusing/perplexing. The reason?

Dempster busted out impressions of Dr. Evil, Fat Bastard and Harry Caray. Now, I get the Harry Caray one, since he plays for the Cubs, but Dr. Evil and Fat Bastard… are you kidding me? That movie came out in 1997 (with Fat Bastard coming on the scene in 1999). But there was Kurkjian, giggling like a school girl. No joke. He was literally “cracking up” and thought that it was the most hilarious thing in the world. Has Kurkjian never heard a Dr. Evil impression before?  You know who else does a good Dr. Evil impression? EVERYONE ON PLANET EARTH!

Perhaps he was a little drunk. Or something. It was weird.

Moving on….

I got a text from Randy while I was on the beach and it said that the Sixers had signed Kwame Brown. I thought it was a joke. But it wasn’t. Man, Doug Collins is such an idiot. As the Liberty Ballers pointed out, the Sixers may be starting a front court of Spencer Hawes at the 4 and Kwame Brown at the 5. GOOOOOOOOOOO! That looks so terrible on paper that it’s not even funny.

Seriously though, why did they draft Vucevic last year and Arnett Moultrie this year, if they were just going to go out and sign terrible veterans to take their minutes away? Is that really their draft strategy? Taking guys that they are never going to use? I am really down on the Sixers at this point. They don’t look better than last year’s team, they don’t look markedly worse, they look about the same. Which means more of the same: squeaking into the playoffs followed by a 1st round playoff exit and then the drafting of someone in the 16-20 spot who does nothing for the team. Awesome.

Phillies have won two in a row!  Happy Happy, Joy Joy!  It’s always fun to watch them win, even if they are 14 games out of first place.

And man, how good are those Nats? I hate to admit it, but I don’t think anybody from the NL is going to beat them in a 5 or 7 game series. They have the bats, they have the arms, and if they get hot at the right time, they may take this year’s World Series.

It’s never too early for Super Bowl predictions so here is my first prediction of the year.

This year’s Super Bowl will be…..49ers vs. Bengals. BOOOOOOOM!

Of course, I may change that after training camps and all that stuff shakes out, but that’s just my gut feeling right now.

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  • The Sixers had a 2nd round playoff exit! Haha, albeit from ridiculous injury, but still….

    Not really sure why Vucevic minutes just got depleted last year (I understand why in the playoffs) during the regular season. Especially when Spencer was getting eaten up defensively. Give that man some time!

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