The Worst Fantasy Football Draft EVER

altI just finished a fantasy football draft, and as the title suggests, one of my fellow managers had the worst fantasy football draft I have ever seen.  Instead of waxing poetically about the incredible ineptitude of “Jumping” hows about I just post his draft results?

Round 1: Arian Foster (umm….he did this with the THIRD pick in the draft, but I wasn’t complaining cause MJD slipped to me at 6).

Round 2: LeSean McCoy (possible his sanest pick…and that says something cause the pick this early in the draft is insane).

Round 3: Ronnie Brown

Round 4: Ricky Williams

Round 5: Steve Slaton

Round 6: Matt Leinart (Yes…that Matt Leinart).

Round 7: Kareem Huggins (who?)

Round 8: Glen Coffee (The man who retired to be a Pastor).

Round 9: Patrick Cobbs (WHO?  It’s another MIA RB so, he has the entire Miami backfield).

Round 10: John Skelton (Arizona’s rookie QB)

Round 11: Brandon Minor

Round 12: Keith Toston

Round 13: Brandon Banks (for those not keeping track, he has now drafted 10 Running Backs and Two worthless QB’s)

Round 14: Lynell Hamilton

Round 15: Tristan Davis (ANOTHER MIA Running back.)

Ok, that whole draft had to be a joke…some sort of weird experiment to mess with the rest of us. Let’s look at Jumpings starting line-up, shall we?

QB: Matt Leinart

WR: Brandon Banks



RB: Arian Foster

RB: LeSean McCoy




What is the blue hell happened?  He ended up with 12 RB’s and out of those 12, 4 either didn’t even make their teams or left for the clergy.

Epic Fail?  Epic Fail.

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