The Live Blog Strikes Back


3:27: Ok, this live blog is starting a little late and a
little early.  I wasn’t gonna start
until the bottom of the 7th but since Halladay is about to piss away
a four run lead, I thought I’d start now. 
Here’s a prediction: Jose Reyes is going to tie this game.  He has owned Halladay all day.  It’s a foregone conclusion.  In other news: What the F
Halladay?  Aren’t you supposed to
be an ace?  This is terrible. 

He never pitches well in big situations.  This was one (since it looks like ATL
is gonna win and we need a win to keep pace) and he has absolutely choked. He
he shall not be named (Ibanez smiles sinisterly and rubs his Death Eater tattoo)
would’ve come out and dominated today. 
That’s the difference between Halladay and he who shall not be named. I
guess 6 runs isn’t enough when your ace is on the hill. Fucking Halladay.

3:30: Reyes walked.

3:32: I know this will piss off one loyal reader, but
Atlanta fans are the biggest front runners ever.  I tuned in to see a homerun by one of their players today
and you know who caught it? 
Nobody.  It hit an empty
seat cause their stadium was empty. 
WTF Atlanta?  Your team has
been in first for forever and you still aren’t showing up to home games?  I guess only when they make the
playoffs will Braves fans spring up like dandelions. Say what you will about
Mets fans (and you can say a lot) but at least they show up (says the hypocrite
whose been to one Phillies game this year).

3:34: Halladay gets out of it, crowd goes nuts.  I mean, he did only give back two runs
so I guess it’s ok to get all excited. Phils lead 6-5 bottom of the seventh
coming up.

3:36: Ok, that was a lot of anger for like 6 minutes, so
lets write something positive, shall we? 
I had a turkey and cheese sandwich today, furnished by the deli section
at Shop Rite and oh my word the turkey was some of the best lunch meat I’ve
ever had.  Food boner one time. 

3:37: Some trivia nobody but Wheels gives a shit about is on
TV.  Good thing I have the sound
down and the new Arcade Fire blaring. 
Two back to back posts with Arcade Fire in the background?  You know it!

3:37: Felciano is on in relief for the Mets, replacing the
Asian pitcher who did well.  All
the batters he faced looked like this: K, K, Ball, Ball, Ball, Out. Every one.

3:38: Ibanez up. 
Glad he started taking steroids again.

3:39: Ibanez strikes out. Gotta go get some better juice.

3:40: Werth up. 
His homerun earlier in the game was hilarious. The Mets center fielder
acted all nonchalant about it until BOOM! 
His cheek ran smack dab into the center field fence knocking off his
glasses and his hat.  I almost did
a legitimate spit take watching it.

3:41: Base hit for Werth, whose new facial hair makes it
look like he should be an extra on “Breaking Bad” instead of the Phillies
center fielder.

3:42: The Mets make a pitching change.

alt3:44: “Sprawl II” by Arcade Fire is in the early running for
song of the year in my book.  Also
in the running?  “London” by the
National.  “The Weekenders” by the
Hold Steady.  “General Patton” by Big
Boi.  “Round and Round” by Ariel
Pink’s Haunted Graffiti.  Who shall
get this meaningless award?  Tune
in December 31st to find out!

3:47: While I was choosing those songs, the Phils hit into a
double play to end the inning.  It
may have been Domonic Brown.  Not sure.  He has had a tough day.  He could’ve had two hits but they went
right to David Wright. Also, I think Halladay likes Ruiz A LOT better than Schneider.
I’ve never seen him shake off so many signals.  The time he threw the perfect game, he said that he didn’t
shake Ruiz off once.  Note to
Manuel: Just use Ruiz when Halladay is pitching.

3:48: Madson on in relief.

3:48: Wow. 
Thought that was a homerun. 
Turns out to be a fly out. 

3:50: Another fly out. 
Two down. 

3:50: I have great reservations about Reyes batting in the
ninth.  I don’t know why, but he
has been on fire today and to lose to him would be devastating for us Phillies
fans.  That guy is public enemy
number one…well, him and Chipper Jones. 
And Scott Rolen. 

3:51: Su-wing and a miss. Strike three.  Nice job Madson.  Why don’t they just use him in the 9th
but tell him it’s the 8th? 
He’d be a great closer if they did that (I know this is not an original
observation, but one made by every Phillies fan every time Madson gets through
the 8th without the slightest problem).

3:52: I wanted to make a note of it earlier and had no
computer, but that Piranhas 3D movie looks great.  I think the girl who gets pulled down through her inner tube
by the piranhas is the front-runner for best supporting actress at the 2011

3:54: Ruiz is in. 
He fouls the ball and throws his bat into the Mets dugout.  Don’t mess with Ruiz, Metropolitans’

3:55: This umpire has really late called third strike signals.  But he calls it after a 20 second stare
and Chooch is out. 

3:56: Base knock Wilson Valdez.  I gotta admit, he’s growing on me.

3:56: Greg Dobbs steps to the plate.  I’m predicting either a homerun or a
pop out. Leaning towards the latter.

3:57: Dobbs is 0/16 over his last eight games.  Meaning he is batting the same as one Adam
Thomas over that span.

3:57: Dobbs hits into a double play.  Wait.  No he doesn’t. 
Ump says no out at first. 
Replay shows….that he was out at first.  What was the ump thinking??  On second thought, it looks like he got the call right, the
first baseman’s foot was off the bag. So….I guess I’m the asshole?

3:59: Haha, Dobbs caught stealing.  Man, that guy is worthless. All he is good for is getting
drunk when the Phillies clinch the division and trying to coerce Comcast Sports’
Leslie Gudel into the locker room. 
I’ll never forget when he did that last year when the Phils won the
Pennant.  Here’s my shoddy

Gudel: “So, Greg, how does it feel to win the Pennant?

Dobbs (holding champagne in one hand): “Oh…it feels great.  You, (hiccup), you should…come
to…haha…to the locker room….you should….locker room….haha.  It’s great. We won…haha…it’s great.  Let’s go!

Gudel (smiling awkwardly as Dobbs puts his arm around her):
“Back to you guys!”

4:02: Oh!  And
we’re back.  Top of the 9th,
Lidge on.  This should
be…interesting. He quickly goes down 2-0 to the first batter.

4:03: A hit?  To
Lidge?  On the first batter he
faces?  I’m stunned.  He never does that. 

4:05: 2-2 is the count and that last strike was generous.

4:06: Batter out, runner advances. Tying run is at second.

4:07: At this point, I am expecting the 9th to
have a bottom.

4:09: Two down. 
Runner moves to 3rd on a ground out.  Do I have to watch the next
batter?  Oh God!  It’s Reyes!  Could my prophecy come to pass?

4:10: 0-1, Reyes thought the pitch was inside. He cries to
the ump, naturally.

4:11: 1-1, some Philly fan thought that was a strike.  He screams at the camera.

4:12: Reyes flies out to end the game!  So I’m not as good as Miss Cleo.  Call me now for yur freeeee

altWerth is the player of the game.  We (the Phillies) keep pace with the Braves (2 games back) and
get 1 game back of the Giants in the wildcard and Halladay gets the win.  I guess he knew what he was doing when
he gave up those five runs and left the 6th one on the bases, eh?

Good stuff. 

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