The Jump to Conclusions Mat

The thing I really love about the NFL is how every week seems to change our opinions of a team. In week one, the Patriots crushed the Titans and it looked like they were a lock to make the playoffs and contend for the AFC crown. Meanwhile, the Cowboys took down the defending Super Bowl champs and looked like they were on their way to a showdown with the 49ers in the NFC championship.

Meanwhile, the Cardinals beat Seattle–but nobody put too much stock into that because it was the Seahawks and they were certainly going to get clobbered by the Pats in week 2.

Oh how things have changed. Now the Pats look awful after being stunned by the Cardinals at home and the Seahawks trounced the Cowboys making everyone exclaim how great the NFC West is.

I think we should all just calm it down a notch or 70. Remember this time last year? The Bills were 2-0 (and would later make it to 3-0 after beating the Patriots) and heading to the playoffs, the Redskins were 2-0 and certainly going to grab the NFC East crown, heck even the Bucs started 3-1 in route to a 4 win season.

So my point is this: Relax everybody. It’s a long season and where a team is at in week 2 doesn’t determine where it’s at in week 17.

See, now I can justify how the Raiders got crushed by the freaking DOLPHINS in week 2. Ah, that feels better.



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