The Ballad of Vick Ballard

1.) Today, I am starting Vick Ballard in two fantasy football leagues.  Who is Vick Ballard you ask?  Damned if I know!  I couldn’t pick Vick Ballard out of a lineup, but now, my fantasy football hopes are pinned to him. Especially in theheadrush league, as I put up 172 pts last week, good for 2nd most in the league, only to be shallacked by the dude who put up the most points in the league: 272. But that’s how it goes sometimes in fantasy.

Oh, here’s a picure of Vick Ballard that I just found on-line. Now I know what he looks like, that he was rated 3 stars this week and that his name is absoultely terrific!

Also starting on my headrush team are William Powell, Brandon Gibson and Brian Hartline. If you had told me that would be my starting line up in week 6 of the fantasy calendar, I would’ve laughed. Now, it is no laughing matter. Let’s get the job done PBH!

2.) It may be wrong to say this, but I am happy that the Nationals lost. You gotta go through some growing pains before you make it to the big dance and I was glad that their fan base didn’t just get to waltz into the World Series their first year in the playoffs, especially when they shut down their ace. They’ll be back, for sure, but getting there the first time around just doesn’t seem fair.

3.) Went to see Argo yesterday with Stefanie and man oh man did it live up to the hype. The last 45 minutes were about as intense a film I’ve ever seen, and it must be said that Ben Affleck looks bad ass with the 70’s hair and beard.

Also, Rory Cochrane, aka Slater from Dazed and Confused, was in the movie which made for an interesting O’Bannion/Slater reunion–especially since they didn’t seem to like each other in Dazed and Confused. At the end of the movie, they showed pictures of the real life people next to the cast, and Slater looked EXACTLY like the dude he was playing. It was crazy.

So yeah, go see Argo if you get the chance.

4.) DO NOT (and I repeat, do not) see Prometheus. I may anger my future sister-in-law here, but man that movie was a piece of monkey crap. If right from the beginning you are rooting for the two leads to get killed (not the robot and Charlize but the man/wife who discovered the map thingy), you did a poor job casting. The husband was so annoying that I was just counting down the minutes until he got worked by an alien (which may or may not have happened for those of you who hate spoilers).

The robot was pretty cool, but too darn evil for my tastes (David was the ultimate player hater), and the only good part about the movie was Stringer Bell flying a space ship, speaking in a  southern-ish accent, hitting on Charlize Theron and playing the accordian (which used to belong to Stephen Stills, if memory serves me correctly).

5.) BTW, if this post seems extra energized this morning, it’s because I am drinking Colombian coffee and it is DIVINE!

6.) With election season geared up and roaring, I’ve begun to substitute SportsCenter in the morning with MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ which I like because it has a cranky republican and a cranky democrat bickering back and forth between each other at 6 a.m.

Good times. And I know I’ve plugged Bloomberg Businessweek on here before, but do yourself a favor and get the magazine. Their election coverage issue was awesome, as they asked the question at the beginning of the magazine ‘Are we better off now than we were four years ago?’ and then looked at a lot of different issues, such as economic, environmental and global security-wise.

Spoiler Alert: Most of the time, the answer was the opposite of yes.

7.) As for the three team teaser this week, let’s go with: (Man, I just looked at the lines and this week is tough, I’d stay away from betting altogether) Lions +5.5 (It seems like a trap but I’m stepping into it!), Chiefs +3.5, Ravens -3.5.

Enjoy the games everyone!

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