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2020 NFC Divisional Round Playoff Predictions!

Man, how sweet are the graphics Randy’s been cooking up lately? You should just stop reading the column now and scroll back up to bask in their glory. Appreciating the Star Wars graphics is an apt way to start the blog as last week, while I went 1-1 in my picks, I totally whiffed on my Star Wars analogy. Here I thought Titans coach Mike Vrabel was young Anakin to Belichick’s older and wiser Kenobi–the implication being that the young Padawan would eventually be chopped to pieces on Mustafar. I should’ve known that it was more like Vrabel being…

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Who’s this guy Brett Favre?

Shame on you ESPN.  This is just poor journalism.  For what I would call a good majority of the day yesterday, ESPN covered a story saying that Brett Favre sent texts to fellow teammates announcing his retirement. They covered this story for at least 6 hours.  Every interview they had with anyone relevant to the sport “had not confirmed this story” but yet they ran this same story all day, breaking down new Vikings QB scenarios, and recapping Brett Favre’s entire career. So the next day, I turn on my Sportscenter, and ESPN is running a story that these…

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