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Random Thoughts: Warriors Edition

1.) Can we talk about The Warriors for a moment?  That movie has pretty much everything I look for in a film.  Great story?  Check.  Awesome setting?  Check.  Bad ass gangs? Double check.  Incredible amounts of homoeroticism?  TRIPLE check. I put it on last night and was just blown away by the soundtrack, the costumes, everything.  It is such a bold premise for a film: adapting the Anabasis by Xenophon and setting it in NYC in the future. Now, I never read the Anabasis but it’s based on a bunch of Greeks stranded deep in the terroitory of the…

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Random Thoughts

1.) My fiance and I watched Mystic River on Tuesday and one thing that has always bugged me about that movie is Sean Penn’s glasses.  What the hell?  Look at those things.  This guy is supposed to be some badass and yet he walks around with Grandpa glasses.  I mean…look, if I saw the guy on the street, I wouldn’t say anything to him about them, and I guess that means they’re badass, but…come on. He looks ridiculous!  The ending of that movie is very unintentionally funny, as is any scene in which Penn wears those shades. Penn: “Look,…

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