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Sequestered in Memphis

“In bar light, she looked alright. In daylight, she looked desperate.”  –The Hold Steady “Jedi Mind-Meld” –Obama I use the Hold Steady quote above because everyone in Washington is looking mighty desperate these days as they try to blame each other for the $85 billion sequester, and I use the Obama quote to show how absolutely insane it is that more people focused on his messing up Star Wars and Star Trek references than him (and everyone else in Washington) messing up this sequester nonsense. It really speaks volumes about politics these days. By the way, there are many…

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Fake News, Real Headlines

Article by The Wolfman These are actual headlines found on various websites. The news created here is entirely untrue – but if you want to read the real article, we have provided the appropriate links for you to follow. Enjoy! Rouge dolphin, alone after Katrina, menaces lake area Former Dolphin great Dan Marino has been on a rampage of late in the quaint lakeside village of Palmetto Springs, after separating from his wife Katrina. Residents have seen Marino at night knocking over mailboxes, throwing eggs at people, and sometimes, howling at the moon. Since going rouge, there has been…

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