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The Defense Is Killing Me Inside

So the huge pitchers duel from Josh Johnson and Roy Halladay lived up the hype last night (sarcasm.) Yeah, they pitched great, but the Phillies lost, so it’s still a let-down in my eyes. Having Josh Johnson in a fantasy league didn’t help either. You want him to do great, but so great that he still loses. I’m like Tupac with all my inner conflict. How many innings does Roy Halladay plan on pitching this year?? Seriously. I get that he is a work-horse, the man wants to pitch all the time, but he’s pitched for 61.1 innings so…

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The NBA Playoffs are Nuts

The Atlanta Hawks could play the Memphis Grizzlies for the NBA Championship.  Wow. So what happened?  Why did everyone seem to age 40 years in 20 days?  Kobe looked terrible and his team is now gone but they’ll be back next year when they get Dwight Howard so never fear Lakers fans!  Up until Game 3, the Celtics looked old until Wade tackled Rondo and it seemed to wake them all up at least momentarily. Lebron is sporting the hairline of a 50 year old man.  But that isn’t even the scariest thing about these playoffs. You know who…

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NBA Playoff Predictions Baby!!

Got some predictions for the NBA playoff series coming up. Like to see em? Here it go: Adam’s Picks East: Bulls over Indiana (4-1) Orlando over Atlanta (4-1) Boston over New York (4-3) Miami over Philly (4-1) West: San Antonio over Memphis (4-2) OKC over Denver (4-3) Portland Over Dallas (4-2) LA Lakers over New Orleans (4-1) Round Two: East: Bulls over Orlando (4-2) Miami over Boston (4-3) West: OKC over San Antonio (4-3) Lakers over Portland (4-3) Conference Finals : Bulls over Miami (4-3) Lakers Over OKC (4-3) Finals: Bulls over Lakers (4-3) Randy’s Picks East: Bulls over…

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