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Predicting the Top 5 Offensive Breakout Players of 2012

Whether you’re a casual football follower, a die-hard fan of your city’s team or a fantasy football guru who just got NFL SUNDAY TICKET from for non-stop Sunday NFL action, it’s always good to see new players staking their spots among the league’s best and cashing in on their years of hard work. Here are 5 breakout players to watch for this year: 1) Eric Decker – Last year, Decker racked up more than 600 yards receiving and 8 TDs in a Tim Tebow-led offense. He looks to follow up his sophomore campaign with a much better year…

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Random Thoughts: Post First Round Edition

This draft seemed like it was one of the crappiest in recent memory.  Who are these guys?  They all look like they are 13 years old and none of them look particularly dominant in the high light videos that they showed. Case in point: The ATL Falcons traded next years first and a bunch of other picks to trade up and grab Julio Jones.  After they did, the first video ESPN showed was Julio Jones dropping a ton of easy passes.  Then this morning, a Yahoo columnist declares the Falcons winners for taking him.  Wait…what? The Falcons did a…

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