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The Wild Wild West Football Jamboree

Football is back!  The lock-out is over.  The entire off-season free agency saga will be shoved into a few small weeks and teams are scrambling like never before. Players are getting cut.  Free-agents are getting signed.  It’s gotta be pretty tough for players who sat through the entire lock-out, supporting their teams, their teammates, enduring their “harsh” summer, only to find out the day an agreement is made for football to resume that they’ve been cut and no longer have a job.  There’s a huge list of players out of a job now and their time frame to get…

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Jaguar’s Hail Mary Makes Me Regret Life

I’m convinced that football is the hardest sport to bet on ever.  Aside from Brendan’s miracle 1/5 run mid-season, the NFL and Delaware Park Casino have teamed up to destroy any and every hope and dream that people could possibly muster, including mine.   Trying to hit a 3 for 3 parlay is like trying to get a pick-up poker game together.  There’s always one guy who fucks you. This is my major beef with football.  It always has been.  Here’s a sport that plays at most 25% of any other sport’s season, so basically anything can happen.  Almost…

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