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Are You Even In Orbit, Bro?

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate myself.  Although I admittedly put minimal effort into selecting teams in my March Madness bracket, I ended up victorious.  That’s right.  Out of 64 teams, I picked Duke to win the NCAA Championship. Two reasons: I’ll take the top ranked player in the field Screw Kentucky.  Literally 85% of my pool picked them to win. Granted, Jahlil Okafor looked somewhat worthless in the Finals (please Sixers, do not draft him), but the cast of characters surrounding him on Duke were able to carry the load throughout the tournament. To be honest, though, I didn’t even watch…

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Bring the King. Off With His Head!!

Well, it’s Friday. 6 days to go until opening day, and things have gotten worse. Chase Utley has officially been moved to the DL, Brad Lidge has been moved to the DL, Cole Hamels got lit up yesterday, Roy Oswalt got beaned in the head with a ball and is recovering…. It wouldn’t be a typical Phillies season without some drama. The Braves look amazing, and although people have been doing nothing but talking shit on the Mets (like me), they look pretty good so far too. Every analyst keeps showing concern for the offensive voids in the lineup,…

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The March Madness Bracket Competition

We’ve decided to have a little wager here at, and when I say little I mean it’s friggin tiny. $5 But it’s more than a monetary value! It’s about pride, respect, and utter humiliation! Over the next couple of weeks, I’m going to update the site with scores of our bracket pick’em group at Yahoo!. You can visit the actual bracket here : Come! Gaze at the amazement of process of elimination! Someone has to be the winner!! Also, I do want to point out the irony of St.John’s tonight. They spent the whole regular season being…

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