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Reggie Miller Tweets About Andrew Bynum

Reggie Miller decided to post his 2 cents on the Andrew Bynum debacle recently and it might be the best summation of the Andrew Bynum situation that I’ve heard all year. The reality, is however, that Andrew Bynum’s career could quite possibly be over. I don’t think Reggie Miller took that into consideration when he tweeted this: Can’t wait to see what lame brain GM will spend max dollars on Bynum next season.Feel bad for Coach Collins, you guys gambled and lost.. — Reggie Miller (@ReggieMillerTNT) March 19, 2013 Coach Collins was really polite and considerate in his address…

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After The Thunder, Comes the Tears

Alright, so we didn’t win. We didn’t win. Ahhhhhhhhhhh that’s still taking some time to sink in. Up 5 points with 40 seconds to go, we were hanging with the OKC for the entire game, making shots, playing OK defense, but in the end it wasn’t enough. Kevin Durantula made an amazing 3 (which he got fouled on) to tie the game into overtime, and it was pretty much all downhill from there. But, I will reflect on some of the good things. I had the most amazing seats I’ve ever had in the history of sports ever. Front…

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