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Charlie Villanueva & Cavaliers’ Ryan Hollins Fight

Haha, it’s a lazy rainy Tuesday. Found this gem posted on youtube. Don’t know why the music is as weird as it is… but oh well. Best comment on youtube : Charlie’s hairlessness makes him very slippery. He’s like an earth dolphin or something. – antoniorossiz Good one.

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Sippin’ on Haterade: Kevin Garnett.

Nothing’s worse than watching one of the dirtiest players in the NBA be met with success and granted immunity from fines. I’ve been a fan of pro basketball for a mere 3 years now, and even to a novice like me, it’s still apparent that aside from the bad-guy-turned-good Ron Artest, Kevin Garnett truly is the dirtiest player in the game. I remember watching his 2008 NBA Finals and the one thing that stood out was how insane he sounded immediately after winning the championships. He went on a somewhat insane tirade screaming “Anything is Possible!!” repeatedly, which is…

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