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Jaguar’s Hail Mary Makes Me Regret Life

I’m convinced that football is the hardest sport to bet on ever.  Aside from Brendan’s miracle 1/5 run mid-season, the NFL and Delaware Park Casino have teamed up to destroy any and every hope and dream that people could possibly muster, including mine.   Trying to hit a 3 for 3 parlay is like trying to get a pick-up poker game together.  There’s always one guy who fucks you. This is my major beef with football.  It always has been.  Here’s a sport that plays at most 25% of any other sport’s season, so basically anything can happen.  Almost…

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Brett Favre Hit In Groin

Brett Farve is hit in the groin with a ball during practice earlier this week.  This makes me feel good inside.

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