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I’m Older Than Every Baseball Player, Except Jamie Moyer

Sixers. Ugggggghhh. Phillies. Blehhhhhh. Flyers. OHHHH YEEAAAAAAHHH!!! The Flyers have single-handedly revived my interest in hockey and my hate in the Penguins. The last 3 games have been epic. All high scoring. Lotta hits. Keep em coming. It’s pretty nuts how the Flyers basically put the magnifying glass on Sidney Crosby and probably ruined his reputation for the rest of his career. Asham got suspended for 4 games and Neal got suspended for 1. I’d say your Stanley Cup aspirations are over, Pittsburgh. The Phillies aren’t really winning me over, that’s for sure. I know Ty Wigginton had a…

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To the Pain!

1.) About a month ago, maybe more, my cousin Bryan suggested that I check out a show called “Full Metal Jousting.” Now, at the time, I was in the middle of moving into a new house and didn’t really have the time to check it out.  This week, however, I had the time and let me tell you something: Full Metal Jousting is AWESOME! The unintentional comedy runs high and the production value looks like it is through the roof. These guys don’t put on armor like you’re use to seeing in museums, they put on armor that makes…

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