Super Bowl: Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

The Super Bowl is over….football is over….it is now time to embrace the most hellish sports month the calendar has to offer: February (shudder). And thanks to greedy owners/a terrible union, we may never see football again until the year 2012.

And by terrible union, I mean turrible.  The QBs hate the DBs, the DBs hate the O-linemen, the O-linemen hate the D-linemen, the D-linemen hate everybody, everybody has concussions that have turned their brains to scrambled eggs.  It’s just one weird sport where you have guys playing different positions who don’t like the guys who play the other positions and now they have to try and work together to take on the (drum roll please) OWNERS!?  Guys like Jerry Jones, that crazy moonshined up hick from Tennessee and (wait for it) Mr. Crooked Fingers himself, AL DAVIS!  Yeah, good luck with that one, Meat Heads.  Just suck it up and take the 18 game schedule and move on.

But enough about that.  Let’s worry about the lockout when it comes.  Let’s instead, focus on the Super Bowl!

Thumbs Up: The Audi commercial with Kenny G.  Hilarious!

Thumbs Down: My neighbors’ sweet HD TV which for some reason is ahead of my old POS TV.  So when the Steelers were driving, I knew that they had scored because of the cheers coming from across the hall.

Thumbs Up: Andre Iguodala is playing better.

Thumbs Down: My friends’ Facebook Puppy Bowl References.  We get it.  It’s cute. Unnecessary rough rough roughness (hahahahahaha cause that’s what dogs say! Get it!?)  but come on friends, you’re more clever than that!  I think about 6 friends had references to the puppy bowl on their facebook pages yesterday. And to that, I say thumbs down.

Thumbs Up: John Madden sitting next to George W. Bush.  Talk about a meeting of the minds.

Thumbs Down: I fell asleep in the third quarter and woke up with two minutes left.  That’s what happened when you lie around in pajamas all day.

Thumbs Up: Jersey Shore marathon.  Pauly D may be the funniest man alive right now, and that is for serious.

Thumbs Down: My dog having to poop making me miss Green Bay’s first TD.  Also thumbs down: all the dog poop sitting on top of the snow at my apartment complex.  Pick up after your dog!

Thumbs Up: The Championship belt.  Hells yeah!  Forget trophies, everyone needs to get belts when they win! Can you imagine a thirty pound Ethiopian runner trying to hoist a championship belt up on his shoulder after winning a marathon, only to be pulled down by the weight/momentum of said hoist?  That would be, as the Miz says, AWESOOOOOOOOME!

Thumbs Down: My prediction for the game was Steelers 31-Packers 26.  The actual score was Packers 31-Steelers 25.  Damn you almost close ESP!

Thumbs WAAAAAAAYYYY Up: the Steelers Lost!  And that, truly, means we all won.  Except for Steelers fans.  But don’t worry.  You’ll be back next year.  And the year after that…and the year after that….

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