Sunday Morning…The Calm Before the Storm

Alrighty, I’ve been slacking with the posts lately, so I thought I would do one on this glorious Sunday morning cause there’s been a few things on my mind. Let’s get right to it, shall we?

1.) Note to NBA players and owners: Nobody even remotely cares that you’re not playing basketball. Look, I love watching and talking about the Sixers, but I can live without them.  You know why?  Cause there is still college basketball to be played where the action is faster, there are more exciting turnovers and the players actually give a shit. NBA, you could go away for ever, and it wouldn’t make one iota of a difference to anybody (well, besides the players and owners…and anybody who works for an NBA team, of course).

2.) I’ve said on this site before that The Wire is not re-watchable.  Well boy oh boy do I love being wrong. My wife suggested putting in season 2 about a week ago and I had my doubts. Here we are a week later and I am at episode 5 of season 3! And good God is it awesome. I’ve always hated on season 3, but I have to eat my words.  I still do think that they could’ve gotten better actors to play Marlo (who is still a big strike against the Wire cause that guy looks like a hip-hop muppet. And he carries around a golf club. That shit is so STUPID! God I hate Marlo) and Carcetti (who annoys the piss out of me), but Bunny and Cutty more than make up for those two poor casting decisions.

Also, season 3 has this brilliant exchange when Bunk is looking for officer Dozerman’s (sp?) weapon and he has to find a kid on the street named Peanut. There are about 60 peanuts in West Baltimore and one detective says something like, “You got to find a way to work with all these Peanuts” and Bunk says, “Mother Fucker do I look like George Washington Carver to you?”  Ha! Great stuff.  Also, Omar robbing the stash house dressed up as an old man in a wheel chair (see picture above) is always the heighth of hilarity.

And can we, for just one second, give Ziggy from season 2 his due? The actor who plays him makes Ziggy utterably irritable in every scene, (SPOILERS!) but the scene where he does what he do to Double G is probably one of the top 5 greatest scenes from the Wire and the acting is just, as McNulty would say as he is in character for the raid on the whorehouse, SPOT ON!

3.) The Louisville Quarterback is named Teddy Bridgewater. That sounds like the most made up named I’ve ever heard, BUT IT’S REAL!  Holy crap, Teddy Bridgewater? He needs to go directly to the awesome name hall of fame.

4.) Wow, HHH tried to ruin the WWF Attitude Era by inserting himself into story-lines and now he has absolutely crushed any momentum the WWE had from CM Punk’s recent brilliance.  HHH go the F away!

5.) I am on a Facebook strike and have gone 3 days without logging in. That site is annoying me and I have decided that I can go without knowing what people I haven’t talked to in ages are up to. I will still keep it cause it’s easy to get the word out to friends when stuff is going down (or you wanna send a Youtube link of an elephant chilling with a dog) but other than that, screw Facebook.

Ok and now for my early morning football picks.  I am going to do a three team tease and lets see if it hits, shall we?  (I’m going to use the lines from Randy’s most recent post).

LIONS -3.5 over Falcons (How can this line only be 3.5? It may be a TRAP!)

PANTHERS -2.5 over Redskins

COWBOYS -13 over Rams

Alrighty then.  That’s all I got. Hope all is well in your neck of the woods and let’s all get ready for the debut of everybody’s favorite college quarterback…no, not you Tim.  I’m talking of course about….Terrell Pryor! Rumor has it that he will take some snaps in the Raiders game today, which should add some excitement to a game that will prominently feature Kyle Boller.  Good stuff.

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  • That Falcons/Lions line is a total trap. The Raiders line is pretty awesome, too, pending a Terrell Pryor showcase.

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