Roger Goodell is a Joke

Ok, now it’s time to bring back the regular refs. Let’s do it. Now. This is beyond absurd.

We all felt this way before the Monday Night debacle. A quarterback lost part of HIS FREAKING EAR on Sunday. It’s time to end this.

Besides the whole Matt Schaub losing his ear lobe thing, I have 3 prime examples from the Raiders/Steelers game that show why there needs to be real referees in the game to keep the players safe. And lest you think I am biased because I love my Raiders, two of them are calls the officials missed on the Raiders like:

1.) Philip Wheeler, a Raiders linebacker, gets blocked into the ground on a pass play. Instead of getting up, Wheeler simply crawls over and then launches his shoulder into Big Ben’s knee.  Big Ben crumples to the ground. A referee is standing there, watches the whole thing, and does nothing.

2.) We’ve all seen the hit on DHB that caused him to go to the hospital. Clearly helmet to helmet, clearly almost killed him, clearly 3 referees staring right at the play and doing nothing.

3.) On the Raiders last drive, a Steelers D-lineman is getting blocked by a Raiders offensive lineman, when another Raiders offensive lineman decides to dive at the Steelers’ knee.  Steeler crumples to the ground injured, hobbles off the field screaming at the ref. Clearly, a foul.

And I’m sure you can list a ton of instances from your own favorite team’s games of missed calls. Cornerbacks are grabbing jerseys like there is no tomorrow and fouls are getting missed left and right.

All Goodell talks about is “player safety” and then he is too cheap to pony up for real refs. Do the right thing Roger.

By the way, let’s forget my overall win/loss record in the picks last week and look at this sentence: “It is weird that Pitt is only -4.5 and Detroit is only -3.5, it makes me feel like one of these two games will be an upset.”

Well, well, well. Look who can predict the future. If only I could do it more consistently…I’ll be back with picks on Friday.  Until then, hold on to your ear lobes.


  • Oof, got me Wolfman. Last week I went 8-7. Not the greatest way to start off the picks season. Especially since my 3 team tease got blown up (1-2 I think).

  • “Well, well, well. Look who can predict the future. If only I could do it more consistently…,” everyone who has ever made a prediction. What is your overall record anyway?

  • I’m with you, You can say what you want, that these guys are trying, that it’s hard, all of which is true. But the refs are losing control of the players, the coaches and ultimately the game. And fans will begin to turn off the games. Just as I did last night.

    One further comment, this issue isn’t in Roger Goodell’s court. The negotiations are completely in the hands of the owners now. They’ve taken a hard line and are not backing down.

  • Today my cafeteria had replacement cooks. My scrambled eggs were awful. I know how you feel.

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