Random Thoughts: Monday Edition

1.) The first thing I checked this morning was Profootballtalk.com and as I perused Mike Florio’s “10 Pack” I saw this wonderful little nugget about Calvin Johnson: “But there was no denying his potential, even though the Raiders haven’t received nearly the level of criticism they deserve for passing on the guy who already is better than Fred Biletnikoff, Cliff Branch, Tim Brown, and every other standout Raiders wideout combined.”

Haha, let’s settle down, jackass.  Megatron has been unbelievable so far but he has a small sample size and I would argue (correctly) that he is not even better than Biletnikoff on his own.  I understand getting excited about the guy cause he is putting up unbelievable numbers but better than a hall of fame receiver and the man who lends his name to the annual award handed out to the best receiver in College Football (The Biletnikoff Award), he is not.

2.) Can we talk about an epidemic that is plaguing sandwich’s across the nation?  That plague is what I like to call “Mustard Pee.”  You are all familiar with mustard pee. You stack up a delicious Dagwood sandwich, load it with 4 pieces of provolone cheese, 6 pieces of roasted chicken breast and then go to put on your condiments only when you squeeze the mustard on it, you don’t get mustard, you get some watery mustard pee. Bleh. Then the roll is all soggy and stained, and your lunch meat and chee is all wet and sloppy.  So don’t forget to shake the bottle before applying delicious spicy mustard to any sandwich, otherwise mustard pee could be lurking around the corner.

3.) Holy balls Cliff Lee, you are TERRIBLE in the postseason.  My dad always talks S on Cole Hamels aka The Poodle, but I think his hate needs to be directed toward Clifford Lee after last night. Talk about crapping the bed.  What an unbelievable choke job. And now the season lies in the small, furry mits of said poodle.  I may just have to knock my dad out at 4 p.m. on Tuesday and wake him up Weds morning because otherwise, things could get ugly. Luckily for me, I have a soccer game to coach so I will be oblivious to the Phillies fate until 7:30 that night, when they’ll already be half way through the game.

4.) I said it once and I will say it again: the Brewers’ Monsters Inc. celebration thing is the stupidest celebratory act that I have ever witnessed.  Also, there is no way in hell that Prince Fielder is a vegan.  You don’t get that fat only eating things without a shadow (or whatever the heck vegans eat), you get that fat cramming your face with polish sausage and porterhouse steaks.

5.) I hate to kick a man when he’s down (ha, yeah right) but can we all agree that Nnamdi Asomugha may have been juuuuuust a bit overrated? Holy crap, those two plays against the Giants last week were flat out embarrassing. Perhaps maybe he just played on a crappy Oakland defense (which is still very much crappy mind you) and QB’s didn’t have to throw the ball at him because they could do whatever the hell else they wanted with ease.

As for the Eagles in general, man, what can I say? They are looking really, really bad. But it’s a long season, so don’t lose hope Philly faithful!  I still think they can turn their season around.

I’ll be back with picks later in the week, until then…Let’s Go POODLE!

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