Random Thoughts

1.) This summer has a potential for two awesomely bad movies, the likes of which haven’t been seen since Red Dawn.  I’m talking about “The Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and that Hugh Jackman movie where he teaches a robot to box or some sort of nonsense like that. Why is there a picture of James Franco in a lab coat you ask?  Because it’s HIS FAULT!  He is the one who makes the monkeys smart!  Damn you, Franco!

If you haven’t checked out the trailers yet, do yourself a favor and watch em.  Now, while the Rise of the Planet of the Apes looks terrible in a fun sort of way, the Hugh Jackman movie just looks plain bad.  Teaching robots how to box?  Really?  Who came up with that idea?

2.) How in the blue hell can any NFL team think about giving the Eagles a first round pick for Kevin Kolb?  That guy is not that good. He is about as good as Jason Campbell.  The Raiders gave up a 4th round pick for Campbell, and now the Cardinals are going to give the Eagles a first round pick for Kolb?  Bravo to the Eagles if they can pull this off, but it’s highway robbery.

3.) In the not too distant future, the Miami Heat are going to win an NBA title.  Here is Lebron after the game last night: “What’s today’s date?  The 26th…I’d say we have about a month left. About a month left of continued hate.”  No you don’t.  You have a CAREER left of continued hate you fucking dipshit.  And it’s because you make whiney little comments like that.  Will you just accept the fact that only front runners and people in Miami like you?  Goodness gracious.

Unfortunately, the only thing standing in their way is the Mavericks, and everyone knows that the Mavericks fold like napkins. We also all remember the 5000 free throws Wade got against them last time they met in the finals.  This time, I expect the free throws to be about 10,000 to 60.  Somewhere in that range.

4.) I purchased a dvd at Best Buy for $9.99.  On that DVD were the following: Heat, Insomnia, Seven and the Devil’s Advocate.  Balling.

5.) I’m re-watching season one of Friday Night Lights and I have to say, it may be the best season of TV.  That’s right, I said it.  Sure it has it’s sketchy moments (pretty much anything involving Waverly…who is bi-polar and recites poetry in burger shops), but the good certainly outweighs the bad.  It also runs the gauntlet of emotions: sad, happy, worried, and it has PLENTY of goose bump moments.


Look, everyone is always on the Wire’s jock, calling it the best show of all time. I am guilty of this in the past as well. But there is one thing that I take a big issue with when it comes to The Wire.  The show is not re-watchable.  At all.  I have tried to re-watch Season 3 at least twice in the past year and every time, I don’t even make it through episode one. Once you know what happens, it is freaking BORING to try and sit through a season of the Wire.  Upon further inspection, that first episode of season 3 of the Wire revealed a few things to me:

1.) The acting is pretty meh (Omar, Bunk, and Stringer not withstanding).

2.) Marlo is useless and bland. A terrible, terrible character.  There is no defending him (even if the actor does hail from Wilmington, Delaware).

3.) While it has it’s funny moments (Omar dressed up like an old lady in a wheel chair comes to mind), the show is too dang depressing.  It only hits on that emotion for much of its run.

4.) GET TO THE STORY ALREADY!  Yes I know, “It’s all connected (get it…cause it’s called The Wire?)” but come on, it takes till episode 4 of Season 3 to even get to Hamsterdam.

I dunno, it seems like The Wire is one of those things that was underrated for so long that it is now overrated. Friday Night Lights season one, still underrated, still great.  Even on the 5th time through.

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