Random Thoughts

1.) If I could dunk, every time I slammed the ball through the hoop I would scream “Kali Ma!”  and raise my hand like the dude from Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom as I ran back down the court.

There are three ways I could do this:

Maybe like “Kali (as I float through the air) and then MA! (as I slam the ball down on some dude’s face).

Or maybe like a quick “Kali Ma!” As I go up.

And of course, there’s always the option of dunking and then just bellowing to the heavens “KALI MA!!!!!!” Like I just ripped out a dudes heart and set it on fire.

FYI: according to IMDB, that guy’s name is Mola Ram.

Look, I gotta be honest, my fiance and I got rid of TV and internet so I don’t watch any sports any more.  All I do is watch the NBA recaps on NBA.com (except when the Heat win) and then glance casually at the Phils scores on Yahoo, so I don’t feel really comfortable spouting off a bunch of stuff like I’ve watched the games.

I will say that I WISH I had TV if just for the NBA conference finals cause two 1-1 splits make for fantastic TV viewing.  Oh, wait, one more thought before I go.

2.) I lost 0-10 to my brother last week in fantasy baseball. I lost by 3 runs, 1 home run, 3 RBI’s, 2 stolen bases and one save.  What in the hell did I do to offend the fantasy gods?  Maybe disconnecting your cable really does piss them off.

Anyway, that’s all I got.  I feel like Shane Mosley.  I only showed up for the check.

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