President Bites Dog

1.) Holy crap, this is going to be one hilarious voyage to the election. It seems straight out of an SNL skit.  Mitt’s all like, “Yeah, you think I’m bad for tying my dog to the top of my car? Guess what?  Obama ATE a dog once!”

Good times.

2.) The Flyers game on Wednesday was pretty disappointing to say the least, but you know what? I can’t get TOO upset over it. I didn’t watch any Flyers hockey during the regular season, so it feels a little cheap to get all riled up about it now.

That being said, last Friday, I watched the game from start to finish and it was RIVETING! I think if I had to rank the top three exciting times in sports, it would be:

a.) The World Cup

b.) The first weekend of March Madness

c.) Playoff Hockey (when the Flyers are involved, of course)

3.) You know what wouldn’t be on the list? The Olympics. Man, I really can’t stand the Olympics. They are just boring to me. “Oh, look Michael Phelps can swim good!” Meh. I blame “Cool Runnings” for making the Winter Olympics seem so much cooler than the summer ones. Kiss my lucky egg.

The best sporting event at the Olympics is the Trampoline. How ridiculous is it that you can win a gold medal for being good AT THE TRAMPOLINE!?

You know who is good at the trampoline? Everybody!  Especially redneck drunks and backyard wrestlers.

4.) The Olympic medley, however, is the greatest song in the world. How do they trumpet that fast? Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-DA NANANA-NUH!

And the opening ceremony is pretty cool as well. Especially the Beijing one in HD.

5.) Randy talks a lot of smack on Ty Wiggington, but you know what? The man is UNCA’s most famous alumnus so he can do no wrong in my book.

6.) I saw a preview for that movie “The Lucky One” and they ran this quote to promote it: “It’s like a cross between Dear John and Charlie St. Cloud!” Well, now I REALLY have to go see it. Another one gushed said, “The best Nicholas Sparks movie since The Notebook!” Which is impossible, because all of these movies basically are the Notebook just with different actors/actresses.

Hey, I can disparage Nicholas Sparks all I want, but homeboy is laughing all the way to the freaking BANK!

7.) “The Night they Drove Old Dixie Down” is a fantastic song. RIP Mr. Helm.

I think that’s all I got. It’s Friday. Be merry!

Til next time…

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