Pre-season Football

1.) Ok, so here were again…August. The month where we all make snap judgements on teams based on 4 meaningless games of football.  I was watching ESPN the other day and they mentioned how Andrew Luck looked sharp in his second start. This is after they showed him throwing A PICK SIX! How is that sharp again?  I’m confused.

You know, I’d really hate to be a Jets or a Broncos fan right now. They just never get any airtime on ESPN.  How in the world do Jets and Broncos fans make it through the day without any updates on their teams?  I feel bad for them.

2.) I watched The Hunger Games movie yesterday and I gotta say, it was your perfect two and a half star movie. Katniss and Peeta and Haymitch and Effie (not to mention the scene stealing Stanley Tucci) were good, but why in the world did they not cast Jason Schwartzman as Seneca Crane (the dapper looking fella on the left)?  Instead they get this Wes Bentley character who–besides a cool beard–is utterly lifeless.  Also, when Katniss volunteers it is cringe worthy to say the least.  Not because it’s powerful but because she overacts in the scene soooo much. “I…I…I VOLUNTEEEEER!….I volunteer as tribute….”  Yeesh.  She got better as the movie went along, but that scene played for chuckles, not for sadness.

Whoever designed the wadrobes and the sets did a pretty bad job. Their fire costumes looked fake as all get out and I laughed when I saw the cornucopia.  It looks like a bunch of cardboard boxes painted black stacked up on top of each other.

3.) Deadspin had a piece a while back titled: “Did Performance-Enhancing Drugs Actually Help Melky Cabrera?”  I have written a companion piece entitled: “Yes.”

4.) That “Hard Knocks” show on HBO is terrific.  It was hands down my favorite show on TV…until our free HBO subscription ran out.  I’m thinking about calling Comcast to try and get it back but then again, without new episodes of Games of Thrones or old Sopranos re-runs, there is really no reason to get HBO.

That’s it for me, kinda short but hey, I hope to be back on Friday with more.


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