Phelps, The French, & Snoop Lion

Congratulations Michael Phelps

Well played sir. Nineteen medals is a pretty impressive feat. It is interesting how the coverage started negative yesterday mid-afternoon, when Phelps won silver in the 200 butterfly, to downright glowing after the 4 x 200 free relay. It is a fine line these days. Sure, Phelps isn’t duplicating Beijing, but a gold and two silvers is not bad for a guy who doesn’t even like swimming.

The French are Coming

Everyone was pretty steamed at the U.S. Men’s swimming team for losing to the French in the 4 X 100 free relay, and equally upset about Ryan Lochte losing in the individual 200 free to a Frenchman. Check any comments on ESPN, Yahoo!, NBC, etc., and you will see the prerequisite “if it wasn’t for us they’d be speaking German,” — “the only French phase I know is I surrender,” and the like.

Well folks, yes, we did bail the French out of World War II, but you know what? The French helped us out in the Revolutionary War. So if it wasn’t for the French, we might still be speaking the Queen’s English and paying massive taxes on our tea.

Magic Beans in Play

Productivity in Philadelphia took a major dip yesterday starting at about 1:30, when the fire sale began. Buy two Phillies, get a third one free was the special of the day. But, we all knew this was coming, and it had to be done. Just want to say thanks to Victorino for playing so hard – and thanks to Pence for being Pence. Good luck out west gentleman.

I’m just glad the two jersey’s I own are J-Roll and Chase Utley. They have been safe, thus far. My advice to anyone trying to buy a jersey these days – Throwbacks. Everyone else changes teams too often, or changes their number.

Snoop Lion

Goodbye Snoop Dog, hello Snoop Lion. I guess. I mean, isn’t the whole reason Snoop Dog works is that there is actually a famous cartoon dog named Snoopy? I’m not sure that the name Snoopy applies to a freaking Lion. I might have to boycott this one. It is kind of like Marky Mark trying to change back to his real name. You can’t change back if you’re the leader of a funky bunch, you just can’t.

Stay Classy Lane Kiffen

Why doesn’t it surprise me that the University of Southern California was the first to poach a Nittany Lion? Oh, right, it is because their coach is Lane Kiffen. D-bag.

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